chrome ball incident #693: crawshay

"I was knocked out only to be woken up hours later by a security guard saying, 'Hey, man, you can't be sleeping here.'"

A real piece of work, it'd be good to see Danny Renaud out there ripping again.  

This part still kills.

In other news, stoked on Pops. Looks like fun.

Really digging this, too. (didn't Thiebaud have a Waldo-type graphic)

I'd also like to send a special thank you to Skin Phillips and the folks at Transworld Skateboarding who were generous enough to donate literally every back issue I was previously missing for use in the Chrome Ball Stacks. Super rad.

#700 coming soon!?! Holy shit.

Keep your head up, Beats.


Dave said...

WEIRD, I was just looking at the old post you had on Renaud the other night and I followed the link to the interview where he explains falling from the building.

I was always super hyped on this dude from the time he had the part with Ryan Nix. I loved his style; super smooth on the board. I was bummed to find out he was an ahole, but whatevs, still appreciated his skating. His part for the first Habitat video was super dope, including the song.

Sidenote: this was probably one of the few times I knew who the skater was based on the post's title. Lame, I know.

Dave said...

Also, that is so sick that Skin and Transworld hooked it up. I bet that when you started out, you never imagined that Chrome Ball would become what it is today. I really enjoy checking the blog daily and it seems like people are definitely giving you props for what you do.

One request though, it'd be sick if you could provide some sort of way to link back to the beginning of the blog. I found myself trying to start from the beginning, but continually scrolling to the bottom of the blog and clicking "older posts" got a bit tiresome. Either way, thanks for all that you do.

Lauri said...

Man, I miss Nieratkos AM-torture interviews (but it´s cool how chill and friendly he seems these days)..

Five-o Cheapster said...

Props to Skin & Transworld - chromeball just keeps on rolling.

Anonymous said...

Who drew the Waldo art? Holy crap! Permanent desktop background

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT that Waldo pic is money, too good. All the different spots, crews, cameos, too much!

rob e beats said...

Thanks Homie. See you next Thursday.

"Get in line, take a ride, to the...."

coffeebreath said...

yes!yes!!!! been listening to that mosaic song all month!

Keith said...

I like that bank spot where he does the half cab crooked grind. Style looks good in that sequence.

fs board on that double sided double kinked cement ledge looks crazy.

Mosaic part is good. I've seen verry little footage of him. He has a sort of lazy wrist/forearm style... kinda reminds me of Tim O but better.

chops said...

Thanks guys.

Dave, thanks for the comments, man. The site actually used to categorized chronologically at first until it ended up being WAY too big and clumsy to find anything in. I think the index is really only about a year old but I'm not sure there's a way to have both a subject index and a calendar-style index without it taking up way too much space. Plus, to be honest, there are a few posts that were taken down by request.

Here's some links though




hope this helps. and yes, the things that this blog has allowed me to do is absolutely incredible and testament to just how rad skateboarders are. I'm as appreciative as much as I am humbled.

John Horner did that amazing "Where's Chin" poster. I guess it comes with an issue of Sidewalk? I'd kill to have that.

Thursday, Mr. Beats. Let the poppers pop...

How was the trip, Keith?

Thanks everyone.

Dave said...

Thanks, Chops! You are a man of the people! Those links are a perfect way to navigate a Friday in the office.