#662: planes, trains and automobiles

"I like getting lost."

Globetrotting ripper more likely to be seen in Belfast than at the Berrics, Kenny Reed.

Classic steez.

And in other news, congrats to TPuds for this. Fucking incredible.

<3 Peel.


Anonymous said...

fuck kenny reed -- the arms, the hats, the 'exotic' shitty still photos, the switch karate kick ollie. i'll give him shuggie otis, and the backside 5-0, but that's about it.

chops said...

to each his own.

Anonymous said...

kenny reed kills. awesome post.

fuck that dude up top for giving us anonymous posters a bad name.

smorales said...

so good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsoizjZKUXU&feature=player_embedded

Anonymous said...

Kenny Reed has such amazing style. I love that he utilized his pro career to basically travel the world. I vaguely remember a photo of him backsmithing (maybe?) a rail in SF with a Pittsburgh Pirates hat on years back. That photo always stood out to me. From his clothes, to his tricks, I was duly impressed.

Later in his career his coverage kind of fell off and his trick selection seemed redundant, but you can't deny the dude has a dope style.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for that backside smith cover photo for so long. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The arms, dude will karate chop a ledge in half, the hats, he's got a basement full, switch and regular karate ollie, yup 7 yr. glitch was ill. One of the hands down most genuine people you could be lucky enough to share a drink with and skate with. So hyped on Ken Ken gettin balled!

Well deserved

Anonymous said...

personal favorite right here