chrome ball incident #638: absolute perfection

"People trip on my hair. People always think it's a perm. It's just naturally wavy. I always try to tell people 'cause I hate when they think it's a perm." -Daewon Song

That Nollie Back Heel is massive. Big Brother 1996.

Going skating before it rains again. Bye.


K said...

Even when Daewon was at his most insane, most creative, cats were sleepin on him. I never understood how someone so talented could be so under the radar. Cat could kill it on the mini ramps. Closet hesher style, G.

Best of Daewon?
"New World Order" and "Trilogy"

Five-o Cheapster said...

Awesome - never seen any of these images - geez i was sleeping!!!!
I'd say 20 shot sequence for a personal fav.

Anonymous said...

what a gangster he is? starts shit and lets his sister take the beating on numerous occasions..what a tuff guy or should we say pussy!

i went to high school with this bitch and that riot shit never happened.it was one asian guy that got in to a fight with a mexican guy..end of story. he was never in street rascal gang.he never broke my wrist.i chased this bitch back in the house and sister came out yelling at me to leave.

lets see won skater of the year, won best video part, going on pro model shoe 15, has the back cover of tws,been in 5 tony hawk video games,just had the berriccs video drop,gets paid by some of the top skateboard brands in the business, yeah i guess hes been slept on just as p-rod or chris cole.

your ole pal nick!

E.Ricks said...

Hhahahahaha,I dont know about all that but i do know he is tuff as nails... One time we went to 7th st and when we got there some one had torn the fence down around the banks..All that was there was the posts sticking up....So we tore ass toward the bank to see who could ollie the farthest..Well, where Daewon was going it still had the cross bar from the fence attached to the 2 poles sticking up..He ollied rammed his chest directly into the cross beam and did a backflip and landed flat on his back..It knocked the wind out of him but he got up with a big ass red mark across his chest...He walked it off and we had a fun session...lol..

Anonymous said...

I never liked his Love Child part but his New World Order part is so good.

What a difference a year makes!

Keith said...

Daewon's got mad tranny skills. Always like that about him. I think he can probably do just about anything on a board.

Thanks for that interview. Is there a page missing?

chops said...

Thanks guys.

I'm pretty sure its all there, Keith... though it does end kind of abruptly.