chrome ball incident #617: glamorous life

"I wonder how it must feel to fly like that." -Gino

easily one of the most naturally-gifted skateboarders I can think of, holmes is still the coolest.

and is there anybody over the age of 30 that doesn't get at least a little gooey at the sight of wallows?

this one's for jude.

and in other news, lavar!

special thanks to Richard Mulder and Heel Bruise.


JayCee said...

Thanks Chops! :)

Dude took some of the most amazing photos ever. He'll always be a hero.

Keith said...

stoked on that Lavar crail couch!

Jimmy'Z judo air with the shadows. so good. I thought Hosoi had the best photos when I was a kid.

I wanted hosoi rockets so badly when I was a kid. Never ended up getting a set.

platinumseagulls said...

I'm feeling like the post title is a little shout to Sheila E but I might be wrong.

Never experienced Holmes coverage in real time, but all the photos I've seen after the fact are strictly radical, keeping with the vernacular of his time.

I had a random MN run in with the guy, keeping the skatepark open late so he and Quicksilver dudes could skate. I set him up with some hardware and we talked about the finer points of setting up a board. Later the next day, he showed his doc and preached a little bit.

r. dahl said...

this guy rules it. saw him at china creek in east van when everybody was in town for expo. smokin some fine herb and blasting way the fuck outta the teacup and over the little fence that used to be there. crazy in real life in 1986. NOBODY had ever even thought about doing some shit like that. best tuck knee ever. style incarnate. wayyy to go chops... oh, by the way. got my vhs tee and i love it dude. you guys did a great job.

chops said...

thanks guys.

sorry this took so long, jaycee.

keith, never realized how awesome those rocket wheels were until it was too late. somebody needs to bring those back.

and yeah plat, chrome ball giving sheila a little love. i remember christian was always fan back in the day... while everyone else was listening to punk rock.

Anonymous said...

I remember that Hosoi OJ II ad from the first issue of Transworld I ever had. So sick to see these pics again.