chrome ball incident #603: best foreign film

Figured I'd continue with the Mad Circle vibe on Oscar night with the multi-talented Swedish ripper, Pontus Alv.

If all you know about this dude is 5Flavors or Gumbo... you're seriously blowing it. That was only the first act.

And in other news, I know these can be annoying but I feel I've joined enough of these type groups for other locations to be more than justified posting a link for a park in my own neighborhood.

You know... for kids.

Thanks everybody.


Feebleslide said...

Good one as usual. I gave Pontus the honourable Johan Florell-award at the Swedish Skateboard Awards a couple of weeks ago. He was moved to tears.
You know he's just starting his own board brand? It's called Polar.

Anonymous said...

So epic.

I've been waiting for this post.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Polar, I will definitely support it. Has everyone seen this clip of Pontus


I have never seen his shoe in shops or anything, maybe not in the U.S

Anonymous said...

Pontus is one of those skaters that really don't come trough on video (probably because he usually never work endlessly on very technical tricks).
Such an amazing ripper and true skater, who likes to cruse from spot to spot.
If you know some of the spots you just can't belie what he did.

Many times he just pushes himself, without the help from a session. He did and does crazy stuff just for himself.

He got good at a really young age, was quite mature and had self confidence.
And grow fast, in the beginning with big feet and was tall for his age. Now he looks more proportional. :D

I think that he left the international scene partly because he didn't like to sell out. Demos with bad vibes and constant pressure and he likes to be in charge.
He has got high demands on himself to always perform good and is basically a quite serious person and more or less like the others to be that as well.

A consistent powerhouse that would be very famous if he stayed in the US.

Anonymous said...

A proper ripper!

handsclapanin said...

damn! that one must have slipped by. i didn't know anyone had hit the top bar at ft miley besides shao.

ALV said...

I will come back to America on 4th of April. The first time in ten year. New York and Detroit watch out.

Thanks for posting this, it is a honor.

Anonymous said...

Can't thank you enough for putting out the site. I start each work day off with some coffee and Chrome Ball.

When's Jason Adams gonna make an appearance?!!

Diabolics .|. said...

Much respect to Pontus. I'm also stoked he did the top bar at ft. Miley. Pontus, did you do it over the hip or from the front?

Diabolics .|. said...

.... I guess from the front since it would be hard getting the speed coming over the pyramid in front of the hip there.... stupid question, sorry to spam :(

chops said...

thanks Pontus! Mucho respect. totally on board with the new project.

the ft miley top bar is in the 5flavors clip. super good.

and jason adams has already made one appearance but is more than overdue for another one.

thanks guys!

Keith said...

I like that "shoe is out" clip anon2 above posted.

Haven't seen the documentary yet. Every review I've read has been good.

Martin said...

Here's a short interview I did with Pontus regarding his work on In search of the miraculous.


Rune said...

So good!

Looking foreward to spending some time in Malmø this summer...

Greetings from Oslo, Norway!