chrome ball incident #536: rough, rugged and raw

Today's "punk rock dress-up" pros wish they were this real...

Though when I was 10, my Bones Brigade sweatpants-sportin' ass was scared shitless of these dudes.

Granted, this is pretty far removed from what I usually post but Mackenzie's article is amazing and I love the photos... plus I needed to create a balance in reaction to all this handsomeness everywhere.

Just playin'... Dylan rips.

Sorry guys, no interview tomorrow.


Jaybird said...

this made my nite..1st demo i saw was these guys @ clifton speed center in jersey..left a lasting impression..summer of 87..maybe

Olof said...

"Respect the architect", like Guru said or "how about some hardecore, yeah we like it raw!" like the Mash Out Posse once put it.
I guess the people in the interview put some extra salt on the rembembering, but I suppouse you need to do that to make it a enjoyable read.
And "skate moss" might not have slept on the beach and been "raw" like those dudes, but he's not scared of speed and style, that's word to Allah.
Vincent Alvarez is more punk than any of the "dress up kid's" you mentioned and had to work HARD to make end's meet/meat (read the transworld Am issue).
Thank's alot for putting this up so I don't have to take the elevator all the way down to the basement and start digging through the gravel for semi old interviews.

Feebleslide said...

Cool piece even though I never was a huge Alva fan.
What I don't get however is the talk about Alva vs good looks. I believe there has never been a team more vain than these buffed stallions. Well, maybe Danforth is the exception here but let's face it, trying too hard not to care always sucks. Dylan is at least fully out with what he's doing. Like Hosoi. Like Ethan. Like Boulala.

chops said...

thanks guys.

feebleslide... i don't know man, I was just kinda joking around about the handsome bit. Doesn't really matter... though interpreting the Alva crew as "vain buffed stallions" I think is really funny. I don't see it but whatever.... they just seem like dirtballs to me.

Regardless, I don't think Bill Danforth was really putting any effort at all into not giving a shit. I thought it seemed to come pretty natural.

Nice dude actually.

Olof said...

Here is Ali Boulala in the swedish G-Spot video Kånni 17 (G-Spot later became WEsc).
About 15 years old and CRAZY influenced by Mike Carroll at the time.
A few years later Ali and Greco(not stoked on him at all, never have never will) changed what was hot or acceptable in skatewear a bit:

Anonymous said...

I never understood those crazy pads Craig Johnson's wearing. Did they just sew up a bunch together or were they custom made (apparently only for Texans)? Sometimes you'd see doubled up P.D. pads, which were already twice as big as Rectors. I guess they have to protect those buff stallion knees.

iSapien 1956672 said...

I loved that April '87 wallride cover.
7th grade was coming to a close, and I stared at that issue all dei.
How come there's not a word about Jesse Neuhaus,
or even the other group pic including him?
Great Post!

iSapien 1956672 said...

Anonymous made me go back and look at those pads on Craig, that's when I noticed that it's not even an Alva picture. He's riding a Zorlac.
Was he sponsored by Alva wheels at the time?

Daniel said...

That Danforth Nosepick is a beauty! Thanks!

Keith said...

"scaryslashsmellydudeschrome.jpg" lol. You rule E! Cool article for sure.

I, too, was intimidated by this crew.

The Fred Smith pro model story is hilarious! There was actually quite a lot of kids in my area in 88 that skated Alva stuff.

Craig Johnson fullpipe shot on the 4th page is sick.

I was always surprised JT and Harsel ended up being two of the first pros on SMA Rocco Division.

Andrew said...

This is too good! Also, no need to apologize for not having an interview tomorrow; you spoil everyone who visits The CBI, myself included.

Big up on a truly GNARLY post!

Anonymous said...

i was BIG into the alva scene, that played well at my local, which happened to be rebel skates. i still have a danforth on my wall. i never could grow a decent set of dreads. bummed.

chops said...

isapien, both craig and tex were on zorlac and oj in the mid-80s before switching over to alva. i just liked the photo.

Sticks said...

"The shit never started, the shit never ended...it just is."

The Chez said...

Great Alva post, Chops! These guys were just straight rough and rugged. Anti Hero kinda reminds me of them. They just did what they wanted back then and that was that.

I remember them going to Albuquerque for a demo at the Beach Zone and just piling out of the van behind the store, throwing up a jump ramp and doing crazy wallrides and shit. Those guys definitely were just dirts. They were sorely needed at that time.

Probably the reason I bought a Cook Mini. Great board.

John Thomas said...

you all think too hard fucking skate nobody should give a fuck. And I NEVER rode for sma.