chrome ball incident #527: camel bobsled race

visionary of both switch and nollie, Salman is one of those rare progressive cats that managed to kick down doors without ever having to sacrifice style.

"why bother with achieving the impossible if you don't look good while doing so?" -miles horovitz

landmark 90's part

special thanks to my man Pete who sent me a copy of his excellent Tim Brauch documentary, Supercharged. obviously a very personal project for all those involved, Tim's infectious lust for life really shines through in the piece... which is probably the best thing I could say about it. glad to see such proper care taken to preserve the memory of such an outstanding human being. salute.

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some poser said...

nice! that miles horovitz quote is spot on

Jahk said...

haha this post wouldn't have been complete without a picture of Salman skating with a cast...though I was expecting that picture of salman skating a mini with his cast...a picture very very much alike the before last one. Actually looks like could be the exact same location, and maybe the same trick (not quite sure). Anybody? Chops?

K said...

never understood why dude's arm was always in a cast. how do we know that joint wasn't a prop! kinda like how barry goldwater kept wearing glasses w/no lenses after he got contact (he feared that no one would recognize him w/out specs)..

Keith said...

Salman was so good at one time. He should have more of a legend-like status. Does being a Berrics pittbull make people think differently about him? And his contribution to progression in the early 90's?

justin said...

I'm stoked on the switch ollie to fakie at Lance's. I dig the green board.

Have fun at Shellac. Watch out for drums sticks if you are up close and they play Last Days Of Radio.

mb said...

Always liked the fact he had style despite being a stocky guy, although I never dug his first shoe on Vans, mingin'. Never seen that opera piece before though, anyone care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Salman has a great legacy behind him. I enjoy his parts immensely. He just seemed like a focused, good hearted fellow who knows himself. I liked that. Plus he skated for REAL, which is one of the greatest companies of all times. Think about their roster, past and present. Legendary.
word up CHOPS.

Croupier said...

I never knew Este was based out of Soquel. That explains why every kid in Aptos wore that shit.

chops said...

thanks guys.

jahk, you're thinking of a regularstance ollie to fakie at Danny Way's '91 SOTY bash at Studio 43. Actually almost used that photo for this but didn't.

thanks for the tip, justin.

mb, not sure about that opera ad. found it in an early slap.

thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

speaking of supercharged. how about an eddie nemeth post? i don't know if it would be possible but i would love that. love the blog. thanks. see you tomorrow.