chrome ball incident #521: o.c. bladerunners

there's gnarly... and then there's this dude.

classic d.way pro spotlight from '91. farfegnugen.

spike's eiffel ollie flick from danny's 15 minutes on blind... timeless.

(always loved that 2nd blind Gonz graphic as well)

and a good method air to fakie snap gets me everytime... this one's also from '91 though the Alien shirt threw me off at first.


Thanks for all the support out there.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to why he was wearing the Alien shirt???????????

ray said...

i remember that kona picture raised a few eyebrows when it come out

re the gran bounand: for the real trainspotters there is a hosoi pic blasting there (maybe in a TWS) and you can see a young and dumb-struck curtis mccann sitting on the ground gaping

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie, i cant stand danny way. He is to cocky for me. sorry.

jason of oz said...

Imagine how much better (if that's possible) Video Days would have been with Danny Way (No disrespect to Jordan Richter). Always wanted one of those I Heart Slayer t's, but had to settle with a 'Ravers Suck'. Awesome post! One of my all time favourite vert skaters (just behind Tas Pappas). And just a footnote me and Danny are the exact same age 15/04/1974. When are you going to do a Tas Pappas post?

Royce said...

There you go Chops! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Always liked that DW Volkswagen board. Was that his last H-Street board?

K said...

HHQ: Why did Danny Way and all those Red Dragons guys all become so bro in the last decade. It's all about bison burgers, lifting weights and fighting!

vaskateboards said...

yes the DW was his last board on H-Street

Old School Sammy said...

Always love seeing coverage of Danny PRE-Evel Knievel daredevil guy.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing him do the crazy stuff, but he was super talented long before helicopter and Hard Rock drops, and I'd hate for that to be his legacy in skating...that would suck.

Anon and Vas--Danny talked a lot about that DW/VW board in one of the last two issues of "Skateboarder" magazine--said he felt it was the street shape that was stolen by a few other guys right afterwards.

So maybe Anon #2 is right--he may just be a bit cocky---then again, if you suck, it's cocky---if you back it up--you're merely confident--remember that kids.

jamesinger said...

1. DW coverage
2. VC Pool footage
3. OG 8-Ball Ad!!

Keith said...

I heart slayer
ravers suck

Plan B had some weird shirts.

Eiffel tower shot is one of the best ever. You can see D-Way skating around in the background of some of Gonz's video days footage at those Eiffel banks.

I don't remember what he's doing down the small Carlsbad gap on the tws cover.

thrashpie said...

I love that you can see the word CHROME on the side of Remy's helmet in the Kona shot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith...

D-Way, Gonz and Jason Lee in Paris :)


Regardless if you like him he was the best ATV skater ever.