chrome ball incident #518: jack and diane

gino's legendary big brother interview, 1996... among other assorted goodies.

I remember the first time I saw this article, it was during my first trip to california. I had just picked up the mag and something to drink at a 7-11 while walking to x-large in los angeles. I remember flipping through the pages and getting so stoked when I came across that photo of Gino switch kickflipping the picnic table that I had to do that thing where your jaw drops and you have to look away to make sure the sky isn't falling or some shit.

anway, my retinas continued to sizzle as my brain struggled to comprehend the overall radness of this image when i realized that I was walking right past the same damn spot where that photo was taken. i thought my head was going to explode. that was my welcome to california. true story.

regardless, good to be back.

a few links:

on a related note, my man cheaps made some sick shirts. indonesia represent.

this brought a tear to my eye.

and these two sites prohibited me from getting anything at all accomplished during my week off.


some poser said...

The Skately libary things tight, it has the whole Anti Hero '98 video. But damn the etnies video should have won

LDJ said...

I was waiting for a comment on the Etnies deal. I thought they did a pretty good job. Kareem over the driveway gap, kosick with the single hand held flash, Mike Santarossas bs nollie flip over the hip, and even the mandatory office trashing. Amazing

dd said...

Gino always had the best shoe game

Anonymous said...

Gino has always had the best everything, exposure, "stee-lo", pro-shoe--"the islander", chocolate, video parts, songs, etc. etc. etc.

Chops, you said Gino is the only skateboarder that you know exactly how much content you have left to post, is this the end? I sure hope not. Right when I opened this up today I saw the first sequence of the back 360 and I went, "yesssssssssssssss, finally."
Thank you. Fingers crossed for that future Chocolate part. Just one more for the masses.

Keith said...

Gino bb interview was solid. I too was blown away the first time I read it. Particularly the sw bs 180 to normal 5-0. That trick baffles the f^ck outta me. Pretty psyched on just about anyone who can execute that sh!t proper.

Nobody does fakie varial flips as good as Gino. For some reason, in my neck of the woods, female skaters always do that as their go-to flip trick.

I find it weird that Gino, the dude on lots of peoples top 5 favourite skate style list... his list has very little overlap with my style list.

My friend hooked me up to this skate video site recently (right side bar)

That etnies skate and create is amazing. So psyched on everything... the OG cameos, the track, the setting, the clothes.

Welcome back E.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Stoked again. Thanks Eric for the link.

Nobjockey said...

Gino - timeless interview.
The Etnies thing - made my week.
Skate library - bookmarked.

Although I had seen all this before I love knowing there are others on exactly the same buzz. Dopey

Anonymous said...

Sw/ varial flip at the brooklyn banks is timeless. Perfect w/the change of that ghost beat. Great part. One of my all-time favorites.
style like no other word to mother.

Anonymous said...

360 shuv across the grate sequence is incredible. How does he make stuff look so incredible! That gap is no joke too. wow. The sequence is kind of nice because you don't have to rewind to see it again, it's all there to admire.

chops said...

thanks guys.

anon1, i am low but I think i got enough for one more post. he's one of those dudes I plan on using everything from.

sick link, keith

thanks for the comments everyone.

sprntrl said...

Chops. Always killing the game. Keep up the good work.

Bob Sacamano said...

(sorry for another gear comment but..)
noticing the footwear in the 360 shuv for the first time; are those the nike cortez? aka George Costanza pro model?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same! Costanza low-1. I wouldn't doubt it. Whatever the case, only Gino can make it look as good as George, aka: Art Vandelay.

Sean said...

The shoes are Nike SB FCs, they've been out of the line for a while but they did a couple of special colourways last year. You should be able to find some on eBay or whatever.

Damn Google server errors are stopping me from reading the interviews!

Anonymous said...

some jake johnson and randy ploesser stuff would be sick...

Jahk said...

How to turn the shitty Skate&Create concept into something that makes a proper statement on so many different levels...
Thx Etnies for Skate&Re-Create!

lp said...

Dope! Never skated handrails? Fs board!

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