chrome ball incident #511: superstar

"Are you waiting for me to speak Chinese?"

One of my personal favorites out there these days... quality trick selection and an amazing style that is uniquely Jerry's.

This part is easily in my Top 5 of the last decade. Always gets my hyped.

Don't know why its taken over 500 posts for me to do a post on the dude. Sorry guys.

Big up to the TMA.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great timing. I for some reason beyond me watched his part in bag of suck last night. Dug the DVD out just to watch it, and I haven't skated in almost a year. I noticed something in the part, every trick is either incredibly difficult or just the smoothest lines with the greatest trick selection. My favorite line is the back bigspin up the curb, cruise along with sweater over the hands, then switch heel a drive way gap, all with no pushing. Can't beat that. Part has a great feel to it.
Last picture: "Divulge Gino Iannucci"-->PLEASE POST THIS CHOPS.

chops said...

thanks man. I think my favorite part about jerry's skating are those landings when his knees buckle together and he somehow bursts out with this surge of speed. it really shouldn't look half as good as it does.

and that no-push switch heel bugs me out too. just comes out of nowhere.

and here you go (of course i'd post that, haha):


Anonymous said...

Whats up chops!
Thanks again for the content. Every picture hits me like a ton of bricks.
One of my favorite slap covers and issues. the pink text really stands out. That was around the time when everybody started dressing like greco and reynolds. Cheers on the weekend!


Kiza said...

this has always been GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Divulge: Gino Iannucci???? Have we seen this one yet? Sick post by the way, just a big Gino fan!

ATM said...

Thanks chops.

As far as Jerry's parts go, his enjoi part is a classic... but I saw this one right when I was starting to get into skating and it always makes me smile. The fakie heel poster is right next to me on my wall.
I've heard he doesn't have much footage for the Emerica video, but I think i'm still looking forward to his part the most.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chops! It's amazing how a good deal of posts eventually lead back to a few Gino comments. There are only a select few that get this kind of love. Secretly hoping he gets chromeball treatment interview.
Thanks again for all the amazing mornings, CBI, coffee, breakfast, start the day.

Keith said...

Dude's got a rubbery style and like you said E about the knees, it shouldn't look nearly half as good as it does but he somehow pulls it off. The knee thing is known as Noah Salasnek knees where I grew up...

Anonymous said...

Over in my neck of the woods we call this landing style, "hydros" if done properly, which he does very well. Him and Reynolds have deep suspension on the landings, but how could they not, I mean, with Jerry nollie back tailing down massive hubbas and Reynolds fakie flipping 18 stairs you have no choice. Bag of suck launched Jerry into LEGEND status. Working that hard for a part and looking that good is not easy. Well done. If what you say is true, about him having a small part in Stay Gold, I'm sort of glad about that, small parts are good, leaves the masses wanted more.

Anonymous said...

The switch heel Thrasher cover is so great, I remember getting it in the mail. The footage can be found here

That entire Maple video sums up my high school era, Jerry's part was and still is ahead of its time

Anonymous said...


Shit gets real at 2:09.
dream line.

Anonymous said...

Amazing amazing skater that stays on the low. Not sure if he gets his credit or wants it but he rips hard. Has there ever been a bigger switch ollie than the dirt gab in bag of suck?