chrome ball incident #510: perhaps

skateboarding's favorite "dickhead"

(still don't really understand how that whole Foundation/Toy move went down... word to larry perkins)

bay area ripper that always manages to keep things interesting.

that double-set crooks flick always stokes me out.

and yes, a justin strubing post is on its way.


chops said...

fyi, the "dickhead" is reference to strubing's first foundation ad where staba was wished a not-so-fond farewell.

i dig brad and the mental.

JayCee said...

Yeah Brad!!! Skate Mental FTW!!!

Skate Mental taking over the world, one marijuana reference at a time.

E.Ricks said...

Never met Brad but was always stoked on his pictures and video parts..Good stuff...

Chubby said...

Oh my god Brad Staba is the coolest guy alive. I saw him in Amsterdam, shit went down and he ripped his shirt like the hulkster. I want him to be my daddy.

Keith said...

That fs flip... pretty bonkers. Just watched that Duty Now part and he kf off it.

fs nollie flips is large. great sequence.

He definitely looks unique on a board... not gonna mistaken him for many other skaters.

I remember reading an interview somewhere... iirc Bill Weiss but could totally be wrong on that... dissing Staba pretty hard. Wasn't really sure why so much hate.

Anonymous said...

Guy talking shit on him would be Daniel Haney

lp said...

Rad as fuck! Modus, foundation, the reason and Pig I think? Sick fs flips amaaaazing fs tailslides and nollie fs flips. Really liked the dudes skating growing up. Him and BA.