chrome ball incident #476: shouldn't have done it

"Without style, you don't got shit."

2000 Big Brother interview with Shiloh and Mr. Chris Nieratko.

Hated to break up those sequences like that but legibility trumped aesthetics.

One of the few early 90's tech kids to actually looked good doing what they did. Legendary status was a no-brainer for dude until extracurriculars got him a bit sidetracked... as they tend to.

I'm a huge Roger/Sieben fan but can't help feeling how Shiloh's presense is missed... and evidently gone for good.

That New World Order part still kills though.

This does, too. (Link Fixed)

Big up to DLX, Skate Daily, Jon Constantino, Rob Sissi and the SB.


some poser said...

RIP Bueno

Curtis said...

I miss Shiloh so much. COME BACK!

Anonymous said...

Where is Shiloh? I was wondering about this about a month ago, he put out that fantastic transworld part, probably the best one in the last 6 years and haven't heard much since Bueno went away.
I still love that Shiloh trilogy part, gives me a good feeling every time I watch it. Love that song too.

Anonymous said...

chops, respectfully, you put the same two links to the new world order part. Curious to see what your second one was suppose to be.

chops said...

Thanks Anonymous2. Fixed now.

Video links are the last thing I do for each post... guess I've just been getting in a hurry as of late.

But yeah, thanks. I'd much rather you tell me than it be wrong.

Lucas said...

It's so weird to see Shiloh doing wallrides in that Transworld part.

jamesinger said...

Isn't Shiloh doing Bici Concepts?
Always a cool dude.
The quote, "I don't think I got any credit ever" meant a lot to me after working for companies for years and never getting any credit. In some cases not only did I not even get credit but I got ripped off too.
I guess the easy thing to do is get over it, move on and then tell people, "it was a different era" or something.

Keith said...

Shiloh! Always stoked on him. I've never seen him skate in real life but always dug his video parts. When lovechild first came out, I was rather surprised how good the line-up was as I had barely heard of any of them. I've probably ridden more Shiloh boards than any other pro.

I read about Shiloh and bikes here.

Anonymous said...

No sweat, didn't bug me at all, just thought I'd give you a heads up that's all, was interested in your pick. I got your back chops, no diggity!

-anonymous 2-

K said...

i used to wonder why old skate dogs all seem to move on to bikes. then i bought my first single speed...

DLTDA said...

Never thought he got enough cred for the Transworld part. I was so stoked on that vid, Shiloh definitely brought it and looked like he was having a lot of fun.

JayCee said...

I remember his Dad had some amazing name like, Captain Greathouse or something very similiar. I think he was a bodybuilder too.