chrome ball incident #463: black emperor

"I always felt like an outcast for skating vert, but I kinda like that."

One of the only ones out there doing it right.

Take a trip on up to the liquor store.


Five-o Cheapster said...

So stoked on this post

Anonymous said...

Doing it right is right and for a long time as well. I always wave to him at the coffee shop even though I don't know him, just out of respect.

Anonymous said...

Stoked on this post.
Max was always one of my favorite guys to ride with. Always a killer session when he was there. Super cool too...and never has been wrapped up in the hype. OG for real.

Keith said...

Those first few pics... early venue Slam City Jam. Those were the days... I cruise under that canopy every time I go to the Plaza.

Max Schaaf has always been on some tangent street skating on vert shit. Sick.

dedleg said...

That Real "Self Levitate" ad is really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is Max Schaaf the street skater's vert skater?

Dude does it right. Those Epicly Laterd's were pretty cool.


BLKPRJKT said...

Absolutely, without question, one of the very best. Ever. Now, then, and forever.