chrome ball incident #439: epicly late

"Its relaxing to just chill out, have a beer and look at the sky."

one of my personal faves... just got word today that the much-delayed BA epicly later'ds are set to launch March 18th.


big up to the EL crew.


Andrew said...

BA is one of my favorite skaters, and thanks for the news about epicly later'd, I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Ive had that sw crook photo on my wall for years.
BA's one of the best.
And i'm so stoked for the epicly laterd to drop.. ahh TIME MACHINE IS NEEDED

smorales said...

Saying that he can do no wrong is kind of an understatement.

bananna fisher said...

BA is like fine wine gettin better with age that recent thrasher webclip where he blunts the kinked downhill hubba proves this.

mikebythesun said...

Nice! That shot of him going over the marble banister is amazing. Thanks Chops.

STOKED on the Epicly eps.

some poser said...

right on

dedleg said...

Finally! Been waiting for his episodes forever now. Not sure they can top the Max Schaaf series but BA's should be great anyway.

Never saw that Big Brother cover... pretty awesome.

But god damn those Saviers in the tailslide photo are ugly as hell though!

Keith said...


Those Saviers really are horrible looking.

I like the lights in the the barricade bs hurricane.

The hard flip sequence is nice too. Proper executions vs. illusion flip/angled pop-shove/folded through-the-legs dumper lmfao!

Can't wait to see the Epicly Later'd.

Keith said...

I have my frontside and backsides mixed up. fs hurricane. Regardless, I can't do them either way.

Beancan said...

Has anyone noticed that in almost all BA's recent footage he's got one of those Krooked "Kooks" boards?

Anonymous said...

best sw/krook back foot ever. Had an old savier ad that was really colorful with him in a yellow shirt and a vintange Pirates hat doing a rad sw/ krooks.

BA=serious shit going down.

Rafael said...

Could you post his interview from that big brother. I remeber I had like every page from that mag on my bedroom wall. BA is the man. I still got two pairs of his Savier Pro model too! One of my fav. shoes ever!