chrome ball incident #438: burn hollywood burn (pts. 1 & 2)

Pt. 1: Cahiers du Cinéma

Pt. 2: Supertrash

got a little bored watching the oscars...

cbi will return on wednesday. thanks everybody.


chops said...

before we get started, let me put up the disclaimer that the 2nd part of the post is only a quasi-random collection of skate video ads (most of which haven't been posted on here already).
its not meant to be definitive.

i know there's quite a bit of holes...

and big up to mackenzie eisenhour.

Anonymous said...

epic epic post, chops.


VTR said...

Amazing Post! Thank You CBI

Seaver said...

Just as someone said above... Epic. Thanks for making a Monday morning awesome.

Old School Sammy said...

Nice way to start the week, Chops! Those cheesy 80's movie posters are always good for a giggle.

Giles said...

anyone know what happened to eric j?

Royce said...

101 SNUFF ad is amazing.

Keith said...

re: back ground props article... the Gullwing GWP hoodie Koston is wearing... we used to refer to that acronym as Gay White Pride.

re: Dagger tail. Tony and the girl/tranny looks pretty terrible.

re: memory screen ghetto flyer. So sick...

I like that top 10 song list. The top 10 video list is pretty good too but I like the honourable mentions for a lot of the latter ones better. Psyched on the 9 most memorable Video Days moments. Such an amazing video.

I have no idea what Radical Moves is.

So many classics in there. "Just mirrors and wires". What a great follow-up to Shackle me Not.

Thrashin'! Gleaming the Cube! I barely remember either of them. Gonna have to get a hold of them to have a good laugh.

How fucking psyched were you to see Police Academy 4? Kids are spoiled these days.

Always thought that JT cover was hilarious.

Frank said...

That 101 ad is so sick.

Unrelated but did you see this:
98-99 NY footy


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the history if it wasnt for you most of these ads woulda slipped through the cracks of time

pizzy said...

I never knew or I forgot that Rick Ibaseta was on stereo. Was that when they first started filming a visual sound?

Chops, thanks for all the time you put into this blog. I enjoy every post.

Coals to Newcastle said...

It's the Chops Film Festival. C'est magnifique!

The actor who plays Llewelyn Moss in "No Country For Old Men" is also the star of "Thrashin' ". His career has come a long way since he battled Hook and the Daggers.

dedleg said...

Holy crap, what a round up! This site is like the skateboarding wayback machine... it's really turned into an amazing archive of stuff that would have been lost or forgotten about otherwise. I love seeing all the old ads and miscellaneous articles in addition to old flicks and interviews of veteran pros. Skateboarding today needs the history more than ever, too.

Lucas said...

Keith: Radical Moves is a movie about a kid who hitchhikes to Expo '86. When he arrives at the contest, he realizes Jeff Phillips drove him there. You see all the contests--vert, freestyle, high jump--and you learn that Craig Johnson cut a hole in the top of his helmet to let his dreads hang out.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame TSM got it wrong with that list from 91-00. Menikmati over Photosynthesis? I Bought Menikmati, watched it once then never bothered with it again.. shit had no soul whatsoever and all the intros came across sooo cheesy. Photo however got watched on the daily. Wenning? AVE? Dill? Duh. And WTH over Mouse? Koston tackled epic rails but also managed to switch flip into fs K as an ender... I don't even need to mention Guys part... which is arguably the best part of all time. I call bullshit.

My list would be as follows:

Video Days
Questionable/101 promo
Virtual/New World Order/Falling Down
20 Shot/Paco
Mouse/Trilogy/Penal Code
Feedback/Choc tour
The many Girl/choc/Fourstar short ASR type promos.

Anonymous said...

fine artists - three of my homies in that are dead!