chrome ball incident #419: strawberry letter 23

chrome ball finally catches up with the carmen sandiego of skateboarding, kenny reed.

...can't front on that crazy bendy-straw steez of his.

word up, gumshoes.

stoked on this, too.

special thanks to my man jaycee.


smorales said...

All the photos are so good. He has always been great from his wheels of fortune to that new rasa libre.

Anonymous said...

2:09 in that new deal part. OOHHHHHHWEEEEEEEEE. that bon jovi switch ollie could put him at legend status alone.
Was really amped on his front 5050 back 3 into the bank in his new rasa libre part, he's always got one standout in every part that is so unique.

C-out said...

one of the best ollies ever.
nice carmen sandiego line.

Anonymous said...

Good ol' pretzel foot Kenny. I saw this dude Switch ollie a garbage can off a curb cut and I swear this fool is double jointed and shit. He floated it like Dalsm from street fighter part 2 dude.

Anonymous said...

I grew up one town over from Kenny in upstate NY, a few years ahead of him. I guess I knew him when he was a little kid but was out of the game a bit after I went away to college and hadn't seen him in a year or two.

I came home for a long weekend or something and was at a drug store in a little strip mall and saw someone 360 flipping off a little curb cut bump, doing smooth, consistent, tech flatland.

This was probably 89, when that meant something.

He saw me and said hey, what's up, knew my name, but I didn't recognize him.

I pretended I did, 'cause I wanted to look cool. I asked a buddy of mine later who the hell that could have been and he said, "Dude, Kenny Reed."

dedleg said...

Haha, that anonymous commenter is dead on with the Dhalsim reference. Kenny Reed's boned out ollies can't be beat.

Also, the one thing I always think about when watching footage of his is how much fucking wax he must go through whenever he's powering through one of those epic slides / grinds.

Tim said...

is that the same fs flip over the wall that silas baxter neal did ? not that it matters just wondering. definetly a person who i would say always takes a good picture.

ron tawn said...

one of the most natural sakter's tobe born and like watching magic. love this dude!