chrome ball incident #409: pina colada

Q: "How do you recruit new Red Dragons?"
A: "Sponsor-me tapes of security guard beatdowns."

red dragon kingpin and all-terrain ripper, mr. colin mckay.

on a personal note, I realized today that maintaining this site is allowing meaningless skate-nerd trivia to crowd out the more useful data I previously stored and utilized in my own day-to-day survival. so while I now have no problems listing so-and-so's sponsors from 1986-to-present, its not uncommon for me to momentarily forget shit like how to tie my shoes.

big up to o'dell and kelchmonster.



Lucas said...

The Rob Dyrdek of vert--who also happens to kill it on the street.

Paul said...

In this shot Colin looks like Robert de Niro...

Isn't it funny that this "metal/hesh" stereotype that Colin and Danny played in "the Revolution" nowadays is totally normal?!

dedleg said...

Damn, it's been a while since I thought about the Red Dragons.

Always liked Colin - great skater but also a great personality and always entertaining. Like that frontside air with the beer as a perfect example.

Brad K. said...

Just looking at that tail-drop sequence gives me diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

this guy is amazing, he my favorite vert skate ever...

everyone remember that switch bs 360 flip on vert on the ad of one of his DC model?

never seen before that transworld cover with the kickflip to vert bank...its AMAZING!

i really like this dude.


Keith said...

I used to see his chihuahua/minpin in my hood wearing a dc shirt.

Dude is an awesome skater. Him and Danny Way were on some other worldly vert shit in those first 2 Plan B videos

Brent212 said...

Imagining what it'd be like to kickflip into that last one is pretty scary.