chrome ball incident #405: root beer

one of my all-time faves... can never go wrong with a little rickoo action to bring us back in for another week.

never saw this before. sick.

glad everyone dug the drake interview. it was a lot of fun and i thought it came out pretty nice... hopefully more pros out there will be willing to let me nerd-out on 'em like that. thanks again john.

big up to jaycee and my man murray (get better).


Anonymous said...

who is that in the Nollie backside flip photo sitting down wearing yellow??

Anonymous said...

Rickk is as light-footed as they come. I think he's straight up golden. Love his switch flips, he's probably got my favorite one in the game. Plus his mouse part w/Carroll, c'mon daaaaaawg, so good. he's a BOWSE!

sidenote*that howard dc shoe, the black, legendary shoe as far as comfort and all. down for a lakai re-issue of that one.

Lucas said...

One of the best dudes ever. That DC commercial, which was new to me as well, reminded me of a story I heard that he hesitated over leaving Blockhead for Plan B.

Amazing John Drake interview. I'd always wondered why Heintzman never rode for Alien.

DL - ACS said...

Those DC commercials were so sick. My favorite one was Mike Carroll's, which isn't apparently on youtube. It had his old EMB footage in it. If I'm not mistaken, that one ended with "How quickly we forget, but how soon we remember." Then again it might have been a Danny Way commercial.

Great post

Keith said...

#1 Canuck skater of all time in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

those old girl ads were great. nothing comparable to the crap they're running today