chrome ball incident #401: old brown shoe

figured i'd start the new year off right with the poppin' fresh stylee of mr. keith hufnagel.

had a nice time-off... got a few projects off the ground that just might spring up here in the near future.

have essentially survived on this and this for the last two weeks. super good.

thanks for stopping by. good to be back.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back.

Sick post to kick off 2010!

Keith said...

Welcome back E!

Stoked oh blond helmet headed Huf.

DC had such a stacked team when he was on.

K said...

huf's illest part? FTC video 2 skating to althea and donna's "Uptown Top Ranking."

Fun fact: "uptown top ranking" went to #1 in the UK and in Jamaica.

Seaver said...

Love the escalator scan. Even the old man has style.

Anonymous said...

Always dug Huf, I loved his part in I believe, Transworld's "interface"
It was called HUF & Friends, super good New York City part.

Anonymous said...

Hyped on the Huf scans. I'm looking forward to his part in the next Real vid.

isaacnewton said...

marcus mcbride (world era) post please..can't remember if its been posted

Coals to Newcastle said...

For some reason, whenever I see that guy I think of Anne Wilson singing, "Let me go craaaaaazy on you"... That video was like, eight years ago.
Keith Hufnagel to me: Big ups, style, shoes... and 70s FM rock.

Anonymous said...

as a new years resolution, i started a variation on the reese forbes program : http://bit.ly/8njMDB

Soon my calf muscles will be bigger than Huf's.

chops said...

thanks fellas.

good lookin' out on the priest, keith.

isaac, i've done marcus once before but definitely not against doing another one... though lavar is due up for another post anytime now.

coals, i probably should've linked to that clip too.

and carbonite, who knew the secret to mammoth ollies was the "upright bird dog"?

Nasty Nate said...

Man, this shit takes me back... He's definitely still one of the top skaters in my book!

Calango said...

You know how call the soundtrack of Huf'session in Transworld's "interface" video?