chrome ball incident #388: dickbreath

"lovin' every minute of it."

a few odds-and-ends mixed in along with some classic sean young.

unfortunately, there's only so much of this guy floating around so every last bit counts.


Skate Nazi said...


Anonymous said...

Such raw videos, but I think Sean Young still had the best part in the Spitfire video. Also, thanks for uploading that June Cate Stun part on youtube.

smorales said...

why does everyone look so different in that gun picture? At first I thought it was actors.

Camelsarelame, you said someone had bgp's in that nocomply 180 manual right? Is that B Henderson in the grey shirt?

I was just caught out in the pouring rain while skating. Was still going for it, I was actually thinking of cardiel on that ramp transfer, but Sean Young's hill bomb is another great rain trick.

smorales said...

oh, and what's up with that Santa Rosa Check article on the SLAP cover dude...? Really interested.

econobeer said...

You forgot this clip.....


Those lines through Union Square are soe of my favorites of all time. Hauling ass harsh grinds

Royce said...

Seriously, Stranger looks like a different person in the gun ad.

Keith said...

no comply fakie manual is awesome.

That gun ad really doesn't look like the actual guys.

Anonymous said...

So hyped to finally see that no comply fakie manual....in the mask!

smorales, I'm about to send brian the picture and double check on the possibility of him being the guy in the grey shirt. I'm assuming it is, but would be equally as stoked if he just made that up and then I got to call him out on it through requesting a scan of the picture on this website...the lulz would ensue. maybe that was before he started wearing primarily black clothing.

that last one is so fucking good! fully torqued!


I'd like to know if that santa rosa article is any good as well. always interested in the SR street skating godfatherz

Seabreeze said...

You never read interviews with people these days who are anything like this dude was: just completely without a care or even any ambition beyond skating and seeing and doing new shit. Kids today are trying to come up and they're filming like crazy and all that and I think that's partly why some of us miss dudes like this so much.

Does anyone know what this dude is doing now? Does he still skate?

Anonymous said...

"check that dip shit out in the first frame in the background. BGPS!!!!!!!"


Coals to Newcastle said...

Great post. I always liked Sean Young- East Coast guy, gnarly, sleeping at Embarcadero... It does seem different these days; there are pros who have agents, deals with corporations... I agree, Seabreeze- You can look back on that time when there was no money, or shoe deals, or X Games... just Sean Young bombing down a hill in the rain.

Old School Sammy said...

Back in the day when an Indy ad was half a page! WHOA!

dedleg said...

Never saw that no comply manual before - fucking illmatic!

I wanna see some more creative shit like that these days, put the big spin variations to rest already.

OaklandPete said...

Anybody skating in SF in the mid 90s knows that Sean Young bombed those hills every day.
The guy was a pile, though. No surprise he never cashed in on his talent.

chops said...

skate nazi, love that one too. used it in the first sy post.

thanks anon1, i fucked up and actually meant to post that june cate one up in the third batch of chrome ball theatre and forgot. sorry june.

smorales, I thought the same thing. Especially Julien. Its like their stunt doubles or something. and I lost your email but hit me up and I'll try to scan and send it over when i get a chance.

thank econo. yes i did. somehow.

seabreeze, the most common thing as to his fate i've heard is that he moved back home cause his knees blew out.

that's cool you guys know someone in that sequence. glad i could help.

thanks guys.

Memphis is Rad but SF is best said...

Sean Young was so good. what happened to him anyway?