chrome ball incident #377: doughboy

one of skateboarding's true legends (who was never even supposed to be pro) turns out the best video part of his career at age 45.

so stoked.


tp said...

If my memory serves me right at all anymore, that street issue was my first Transworld. My cousin gave it to me. He had a pic in small Virginia Beach section. Lost that issue eons ago and have not seen it since. That powell sex sells ad was definitely in that issue.

Paul said...

"...turns out the best video part of his career at age 45."

I totally agree with that.How rad was that hippie jump thing?!

Aullido del viento said...

true skateboarder

Mcidraque said...


Good Read. Cheers from spain.

smorales said...

Is that a boneless on the street issue cover. Really cool. Alot of good ones here.

beastmaster said...

just kidding
nightmare sequence from animal chin
haha anybody notice all the bodydummies making cameos throughout the years?

love dis dude

Old School Sammy said...

Lance Rules, pure and simple.

shane said...

I'm usually down with your cryptic, "gotta be down with skateboarding to understand" my comments.

But I just want a quick link to his new part or find out what video it's on so I can buy it.

It must be the new Flip video

dedleg said...

Yeah, it is Extremely Sorry... haven't been able to find it online though.

Check the cover of this month's Skateboarder - retro style photo of him doing an invert on the ladder of a pool. Pretty much blew me away.


chops said...

correct, tp. how you been?

paul, so stoked on his part... i realize its not gonna happen (as i think cole has it wrapped up) but a lance soty* would be amazing

*i'll gladly accept malto or busenitz

super good mcidraque

smorales, it doesn't say. i'd say: boneless, bombdrop, or bail.

now that you mention it, beastmaster... totally correct on the recurring dummy theme

shane, extremely sorry is correct. i haven't seen the full length myself, i was lucky enough to catch lance's part posted on the sidewalk forum... it was taken down only after a few hours.

kinda funny. after that moma skate video thing a few weeks, i was standing around with my girl quasi-geeking-out over the night's events when lance walked right up to me and asked for directions... i must have given him the goofiest damn look while trying to harness both the english language and my ability to speak it. i was buggin' out.

dude was so nice.

Keith said...

45 year old soty would be amazing!

I think the absorption of the Firm to Flip was kinda weird.

freakbeatfuzz said...

Class act.