chrome ball incident #367: today's mathematics

can somebody get this guy off zoo york and onto a team where I'm not at least partially-embarassed to run some of their product? kutcher killed it for me.

been wanting to do another kt post since i finally found that straight-ridiculous transworld cover of his...

and this certainly helped to.

special tip of the hat to boil the ocean... one of the best sites going.


Old School Sammy said...

I am taking it you were being facetious about him being off Zoo York?

And I have to say--I think Boil the Ocean is tremendous---tremendously STOOOOOPIT!

What is that guy on the site doing besides talking in silly loops about Skate DVDs--or shoe deals, and when he talks about them, where on Earth is the sense? No offense, but that site is moronic.

Aullido del viento said...

mitico ripador!

Anonymous said...

best arms in the business.

bto and cbi are the only blogs i'm checking.

Lucas said...

How old is Kevin Taylor? I think he was old in the '90s--but back then, 25 was old.

How about the Capital ad with Del album cover rip-off design?

Lucas said...

My bad--you posted that one last August.

Keith said...

Is KT's State of Mind part online anywhere? Haven't seen it yet.

cluglife said...

BTO & CBI is the only quality right now.

Lt. Capt. Obviou said...

BTO and CBI are the best blogs and I really appreciate what they do. It's fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

KT the God.
under the radar and underrated.

Skate Nazi said...

How could anyone front on Boil The Ocean or Chrome Ball?

That's just straight up baffling to me.

These are the two finest skateboarding blogs that exist.

Writing well and updating constantly is not an easy thing to do and these guys will always be head and shoulders above everyone else in the skate blog game.

OK enough knob slobbing.
Back on topic.
Big up the god KT!
Dude's Aesthetics part is golden.

Keith said...

I'm guessing Old School Sammy is a bit more old school than most typical readers of BtO and CBI... more Future Primitive than Questionable.

Anonymous said...

KT is fucking ill.
tha G-O-D.

boil the ocean said...

Hey, OSS is entitled to his opinion, which is pretty much all I got anyways. Chopper, can I make a formal request for the Aesthetics KT ad, the b/s 180 nosegrind at that one rail in Philly (Temple?), been searching for it for like years... remember that one?

chops said...

"Hey, OSS is entitled to his opinion, which is pretty much all I got anyways."

Well-played, sir. I'll try to find that KT joint.

Lucas, not sure but mid-30's sounds about right.

Keith, couldn't find his new zoo part on youtube but i'm feeling that quasi-new axion part more anyway. that curtains k-grind was filmed about a mile from the chrome ball offices.

thanks everyone.

Old School Sammy said...

Keith--I go back before any Powell Videos---which is why I don't vibe with Boil's weirdness with skate shoes and videos. I am NOT trying to offend anyone, but a blog about skate parts or shoes?

man if the Internet was around when I was about Sheckler age, I could tell you guys what it was like to ride Indy Stage Ones, how Vans were SO amazing back then, skating Cherry Hill in New Jersey (yeah transitions were WAY cooler back then than street--but we still skated street back then), and on, and on, and on. When someone who is much younger than me, I can deal with that---I'm not ignorant---but dumb is dumb--sorry.

A Stone said...

KT is one of the coolest cats in the game. Stoked to see he's still ripping.