chrome ball incident #354: canadian maple

quick update today with the mighty rickoo's yellow big brother interview from '99.

(giving rick's adventures in cheese part the nod on this one cause it seriously doesn't get enough credit. satisfaction guaranteed.)

almost forgot how much i dug those dc howard 1's.

special thanks to my friends at epicly laterd and nike sb.


Coals to Newcastle said...

I liked the o.g. DCs, too. Another one I liked was Stevie Williams' shoe. I liked those better than today's current make-everything-as-small-as-possible-with-white-vulcanized-soles style. I think that's a sign of being old- when you think, Things were better back in the day.

It's funny how things change. Now DC shoes make me think of MTV reality shows, and when I go to my pseudo-corporate drone job, I see random people sporting DCs.

smorales said...

That part is so good. There are way too many good things in it, but the f/s board to fakie 50-50 at 1:27 amazes me for some reason.

Loo Ganida said...

Love seeing that old Vancouver footage(all capped now).... so many memories..

Keith said...

Great interview. Nollie flip nose slide on the bank to bench is classic Howard style. so good. Loved those DC Howard 1's. I'm glad Lakai is re-introducing them with the option of cup or vulk sole.

It's funny that he talks about being in a wet white cotton shirt all day sucks and how athletic/mesh that breathes for comfort is way better. No one makes that shit or wears it anymore LOL. I, personally, never wore a t-shirt that wasn't a standard cotton t.

And the Howard flip = fs my dick heel lmfao. A friend of mine brought that terminology back from Van. fs is my dick. bs is my cunt.

That varial heel in the last pic of the interview looks amazing.

"ifuckedthesenumbersallupchrome.jpg" LOL

Anonymous said...

both Howard DC models were dope!

Rick has a smooth style.


dedleg said...

I'd never seen that issue of Big Brother before - great interview. He sure makes Koston sound like a bitch too haha.

Anonymous said...

Fakie frontside shove it to switch manual is too gangster. I want to try to learn that one now. that whole interview was rad

xumbrella said...

best BB cover they ran!