chrome ball incident #352: gimme danger

one of the gnarliest on any terrain out there... strictly on his own terms.

i had a request for alan petersen's '92 transworld spotlight but it just didn't seem epic enough for the long-delayed first post of fresno's finest.

(i lost the email so whoever that was, hit me up)

big up to keith, patrick and sean for those.


AndyB said...

AP the destroyer! Man I always what more carnage he could of added if he ever went on one of those brazilian hellride's with the Deluxe crew back in the day. One of the all time best for sure.

Keith said...

AP. I remember the first video I ever him in... I think it was either risk it or a reason for living. opener maybe? I just remember he did fs board mute pop outs to fakie in the middle of a ledge off stairs... and he was rocking Natas shorts, which every kid in my hood wanted back then. What ever happened to AP? I haven't heard anything about him in ages.

I saw him at a few Slam City contests. He's got a crazy power and flow style. Sick to watch in person.

I've never seen that back flip sequence. Pretty crazy. He also did some clowning around thread the needle 360 flip, where he's going over a bar and his board is going under.

Justin said...

So stoked on AP.

I had the TWS with the Petersen pro spotlight from 1992, but one of my friends stole the issue when I was at college. I remember he had the pressure flip down a ten stair and he was wearing a Pittsburgh penguins hat.

econobeer said...

That was my request via email. Thanks for the post. Hey, I saw that frontside 180 to fakie 5-0 at the beginning of the Consolidated #1 part in person. It was at a Bill's Wheel's demo.

chops said...

econo, email me and i'll send over that interview for you.

Loo Ganida said...

I love that "something else" where he's practicing/weight training for a high ollie contest (he has huge/heavy wheels and trucks on his board and ollieing a 4' sandwich board.
A.P.'s got some serious style

Loo Ganida said...
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Anonymous said...

Ap sick as.

He works as a Postman in Brisbane Australia today.

I heard he still kill it on the parks around QLD

- jsparks

carjack said...

Happy 40th birthday, AP! One of the all-time all-terrain greats. Maybe it's time for another AP post...?