chrome ball incident #343: nightlight

right now one of my favorite skaters has probably been sitting alone in a dimly-lit basement for several hours working diligently on another one of his exquisite handmade stools... more than likely without having the single thought of actually riding his skateboard today.

and for whatever reason, i'm perfectly fine with this.



platinumseagulls said...

Just how old is Pops? He was young for a second and then that wore off and now he's on some burgeoning "obscure like Gino" status, and what, his first full part came out in 2000 (and now that I type that the more or less ten years comes into focus)?

I guess he's my age, and that's tight. I know that kicking my soccer ball is way better than skateboarding some days. Things change.

Keith said...

bs tail pic looks amazing. Young Pops was amazing. He's still good but in a different way.

smorales said...

Whoa Chops, I know you just came off a little break, but you've outdone yourself lately. I really like that interview.
It also reminds me of the one he had in skateboarder where he had the sf rail cover. Most of that stuff didn't get used anywhere but Chocolate is gonna be HD so I guess it sits in the virtual quagmire.

Oh, and my word verification is winelist.

Anonymous said...

this guy was really sick back in the day!


David said...

I think you can already see the begins of the evolution of his style in that Mosaic part. So what does everybody think of Flared era Pops. (Or is that ABD here). I thought his part in Flared was amazing.

Royce said...

Anthony is 27.

When it comes down to it, I don't think much has really changed with him and his skating. He still can nollie flip, nollie 360 flip, in lines and such. Shown in his laterd showings.

His part in FF was chosen to be so. It wasn't lazy, it wasn't him digressing. He chose to do something that would be completely different than his counterparts on the team.

He touched on the fact that when there isn't much out there in regards to fine details about skateboarders, other skateboards make up their own take cause they don't have much to go on.

Anthony had referenced prior to his FF part Matt Reason was a big influence. You could tell the future with that alone.

Matt Reason's skating early on was extremely technical in nature, and he was doing switch backside flips down City Hall in his Acme days.

Then took the path he is more known for.

Doing things outside of skateboarding isn't weird. It is heathly. For some reason many want to harbor the ideal that all you can do is skateboard, when that isn't the case. If it is, your cheating yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think I may still have this magazine sitting in my closet somewhere....

I had never seen this before for some reason:

chops said...

thanks fellas.

i know what you're saying about the "obscure like Gino" part... but you kinda gotta feel bad for the non-lakai riding girl family members... fully flared literally ate up half a decade for those dudes. yeah right was 7 years ago (not really counting those tour vids).

"sometimes its what you do when you're not on your skateboard" -marc johnson

much love to minnesota.

thanks smorales. i rememner that cover too... 2006. looks like we might have to wait to see that footage until the 2nd girl boxset comes out.

David, fully backing Pops in any capacity. Dude is just rad.

Thanks Royce. Super good.

Camels, I ran across that just the other day, too. Where is that from? Almost looks like some kind of Elwood promo or something...

Bryan said...

I don't think we need to worry. Pappalardo is probably only worried about keeping skating true to himself, what alot of people should be doing these days. I find it very refreshing. Even if you read a pops interview when he was blowing up, he still states that he goes out and skates alot by himself. So think...has he really changed that much?