chrome ball incident #327: leave me all alone

i always get stoked on early photos of natas and gonz. there always seems to be this energy present... like they obviously know something the rest of us don't.

i guess its like that with visionaries.

and much to the credit of mr. kaupas, there's only a select few that could get away with dressing up in a tuxedo and pointing at a giant pair of sunglasses for an ad.

p.s. can anybody translate the bottom line of that 101 joint?


Skate Nazi said...


Best of all time in my opinion along with Gonz, they basically invented modern street skating.

Many, many images of this guy shredding are burned into my brain for ever and ever but I must say that Natas ollieing over the cow at that one Ohio contest is one of theeeee best things I have ever seen in skateboarding to this day, that photo would have been icing on this already epic post.

Straight up killing it lately here, good looks...

June said...

couldn't agree more. i had that cow photo taped to my "pee-chee" folder in jr. high. i couldn't count how many natas boards i had. once again, great post.

Keith said...


That sunglasses ad is awesome.

E.RICKS said...

I only had one of his boards but i swear it made me ollie a foot higher..lol..

He needs to bring back 101..I so wanted to ride for that company...

Another great post...

Anonymous said...

the thunder ad...

Loo Ganida said...

That cow pic is one
of my all time favs
as well. who was
humping the cow from
Fucking wallrides! the frontside wall ride at 6:03 blows me away. I get misty eyed from it. Thank you Natas!!!

chops said...

thanks guys.

there's actually two cow joints of natas i'm gonna run sooner or later. almost ran one for this one but changed my mind at the last minute.

totally agree, ricks. totally in the mental but i also think my ollies got bigger with my first natas board.

ricks on 101 back in the day? ...at the height of the rocco/powell feud... i could actually have seen that going down. i'd say mcnatt probably stole your spot.

janaína said...

parabéns pelo blog.. fotos muito legais!!