chrome ball incident #320: rough draft

a minor footnote in the history books that has been seemingly washed away over time... the brad dorfman-backed original incarnation of what would later be known as stereo, this is blue.

i find it interesting that the vision honcho had the basic elements of two* of skateboarding's more-enduring companies in the summer of '92 and managed to drive them both into the ground in little over 6 months.

*(the other brand being TV, essentially an earlier version of Toy Machine with Ed and Mike V)

That Cales sequence in the blue ad up top was a little rough so I decided to include a second bs heel for your viewing pleasure.
You're welcome.


hairfarmer said...

awesome post!

smorales said...

Stoked. "Miles of Smiles" would have been an instant classic.

Anonymous said...

for some odd reason, i have a blue hat, that i wear daily..
yet i've never seen their graphics.

Great post

Anonymous said...

Cool post. I remember that J. Lee backside lipslide ad- classic style. I don't want to be accused of sacrilege, but it seems like that's around the time that he stopped trying. As much as I liked A Visual Sound, I got the feeling he was mostly doing the same tricks he'd had on lock for years.

Keith said...

Dorfman LOL

Talk about dropping the ball.

For whatever reason, my city had a ton of Blue product. Probably had something to do with the Canadian distributor.

JayCee said...

I remember seeing Stephen do that backside 180 heelflip. Pretty sick to say the least. I remember when he came to SF and hung out for a while. He pretty much had all the heelflip tricks on lock. First person I saw do a heelflip varial to tailslide.

Anibal said...

is that sonic youth video theonly footage from that time? fuck man i was excited about blue and tv. jahmal williams, kareem, jason lee, dune. nice line up.

chops said...

thanks hairfarmer. as always, mucho respect.

yeah, smorales, not really sure what happened to that footage... if it ever showed up in any other projects... would've been amazing.

i rocked a blue hat too... and a couple of tees as well.

anibal, that's the only j lee footage from that specific time that I know of...

good to see you, jaycee. always a pleasure, homie.

chops said...

and anibal, that's only footage I know of from that specific (and brief) timeframe. and yeah, i was superstoked on tv as well... don't forget young ethan and jerry fowlers also in the mix.

German said...

Damn,Best back heel in the game I think that was in the spiral bound big Brother.

I remember he borrowed my board at
Washington Square Pk. and came back 20 minutes later with a new pair of timbs he boosted from some store around the way.

My board was an accomplice to a robbery . hahaha I was psyched.