chrome ball theatre #2: and the ship sails on

decided to post a few clips that I really haven't seen around as I try to get back into the swing of things after an amazing week.

special thanks to my man chris and the entire epicly laterd crew. good peoples.

happy birthday mom!


julian jason said...

awsome post, but i think ron k's part in whatever is better than his da deal part, better song too with diamond d's "best kept secret"...he had that pointed out wrist tech steez down, one of the only ones who made that style look good

chops said...

that is probably true, jj but I unfortunately don't have a copy of that video anymore.

its posted here.

Anonymous said...

welcome back, chops.

sick post.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Knigge became a little too associated with the XXL, make-it-at-any-cost style. He had a part about a year later that was way more clean and fluid, but it seems like people still think of him as shirt down to the knees / tic-tac out guy.

Keith said...

Where is that Bertino part from? when he was on Think? So good. Dude is so thin in that clip it looks foreign.

I remember the other 4 clips. I forget sometimes how much I used to like Clyde. I had his first pro model (the one with the dude chasing down to boat). Freaking Prime wood... the holes on the back truck were drilled off center.

chops said...

keith, that's from the first think video "partners in crime". a slept-on little joint from late '91 with jason adams, karl watson, eric jay, greg carroll... and that's jeff toland throwing up.