chrome ball incident #312: green onions

one of my all-time faves... a true legend (20 years deep) that got there by simply being himself, regardless of fashion, money, or popular opinion.

Ed is the best.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that Circle-A ad since it came out. Probably my favorite team of '88 with Ed and Max Evans (althougn I don't know if they were both on at the same time). Back in those days there were so few street pros that we were looking up to the new ams.

Also, a really nice guy.

tp said...

Ah yes, the other half of TV. very fitting.

Wasn't Jahmal on that team. Who else?

iSapien 1956672 said...

OMG, Circle A. wow that's before he was an Am for Schmitt Stix, right? I have his Sk8 TV interview on a tape somewhere, with Mario Rubalcaba.

E.Ricks said...

Ed has always been one of my faves. Back in 96ish i got the chance to do a skit with him for the formula one video. I just about shat my self. lol.

Wasnt Jerry Fowler and Eathen Fowler on tv???

Jahmal a true east coast legend in my book.

Looking forward to that e.ricks post. Hope you guys dont rip me to hard. lol.

Keep em coming chops. Your the man.

Justin said...

This is such a contrast to yesterday's Vallely post. I know Ed and Mike are friends, but look how different their careers have turned out.

Anonymous said...

I had that impossible tailgrab sequence on my wall for years. Classic Ed.

chops said...

gracias amigos.

circle a was really your favorite bobjohn? honestly, i was way too young... case in point, that ed ad was from the second skatemag i ever bought.

tp, jahmal post in the works.

isapien, correct. i remember they were running those old sk8 tv reruns a while back... i wish i had them.

thanks ricks. didn't that skit have ed dressed up like a woman? super good. and yes, both ethan and jerry were on there too. i remember cause i thought they were brothers for some reason.

justin, i was thinking that same thing exactly and almost wrote something about it until fatigue set in after finding/scanning all this stuff (which is common).

one point that also kept me from bringing it up though was out of fairness to vallely, the two had different arcs in their careers and vallely literally found himself overnight as the break-out star of skateboarding's biggest company's latest video when skateboarding was booming. granted ed was pretty huge in the new deal early days, but the industry (and ed's circumstances) happened to be much different by then.

i really think the amount of success and pressure from public domain fucked him up pretty good.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting take, Chops. When I watched Battle at the Berrics 2 / Cole vs. Vallely, I realized something- I was rooting against Vallely.
In the Powell era, I loved that guy; I had his board, went out and bought green army surplus cargo pants, the whole nine. To see him now, a shaggy-haired guy doing moves from 20 years ago in a cut-off denim vest, cruising around in a Trans Am with a Confederate flag license plate... I was like, Man, what happened?

E.Ricks said...

Yes sir Ed dressed up like a women. The funny part was that he didnt wear any thing under the dress. It was hilarious.. Like i said i almost shat myself. lol...

K said...

Aiyo Chops!

Further proof that my memory is still tight:

"My first ad, it was a circle A ad. They didn't even put my name on it."

Ed Templeton, 411 Profiles. I can't remember what issue it was in originally. But I remember seeing it in Best of Vol 2. The song "Rooked" by Fluf.

Anonymous said...

no matter how stupid pro skateboarding got, Ed always made it fun. noseblunts and sonic youth all day. ED 4 EVA.