chrome ball incident #284: clarity

figured i hadn't had any stereo vibes up in here for a minute and any daher is always nice.

easily one of that decade's most underrated... everything dude does drips with style.

a layback grind on the big stage at EMB in 94? exactly.


Sean said...

So good. Wish he could have lasted to make an appearance in Tincan Folklore. A friend was just commenting recently about how underappreciated that tailslide at china banks seems in his part.

Anonymous said...

Funny how when that interview dropped, in '94, wally and wallride variations were still largely dork tricks. Fast forward a year and everyone's on that shit.

Wasn't the Daher feature in the same Transworld as the Scott Johnston interview? Another worthy post, if it's not up already.

Your online archive is deep, dude.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing: Does anyone know why Stereo dropped Daher? Dude embodied their whole sensibility.

cheaps said...

Cool post, but me thinks we need some more of the the ever stylish Mr. Johnston or Welsh (did TWS ever do an interview with Welsh?)

Anonymous said...

good post, I always wondered what happened to him. a few ipath clips, and I think he was/is on rasa libre? anyway, his visual sound part was a big influence, and i thank him.

favorite quote "I like big wheels, 47s"
how times have changed.

Robert said...

Was just with him this weekend, he's back in SF skating. One of my all time favs.

Pig Dog said...

Nice one!

I've added this to the Rock Solid blog (Stereo's UK distributer). Hope you don't mind!


Keith said...

Always liked Daher.

One thing about that interview that I remember is that fakie 360 flip. I've always thought that it was mislabelled cuz it just looks like a fakie shove. Maybe it was just bad timing of the camera.

chops said...

thanks fellas.

whole-heartedly agreed, sean.

anon1, that johnston interview is up... err.... somewhere back there. i really should've made it easier to search this thing....

#183 (December).

and yes cheaps, another johnston post is coming up.

thanks ed

good to hear robert... what's going on with mike anyway? still holding my breath for the stereo classics division

by all means, pig dog. thanks.

i've actually thought that before keith but there's gotta be a flip in there... of course anything's possible with daher... layback grinds and tail-stall japan grab-outs.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the man was the true killer. I remember watching the stereo video in the summer 1994. It was like a breath of fresh air. All that world rocco thing was getting annoying. This video but especially Daher's part set a whole new-old standard. It was so good, man, old-school skating back in force. From then on it was Nor-Cal and east coast style for us. Just pure fun...Now we're all old fucks and don't even skate anymore...but at least we didn't skate 2010...fuck that shit...

Anonymous said...

yeah, I forgot to say, we skated in la Défense , France, and you fucking bet we could skate...No fucking cameras or footage...just fucking good old skating gone with the wind...and I mean good skating...fuck new age skateboarding