chrome ball incident #267: snake eyes

Platinum Seagulls posted up this part last week and I completely forgot about how bad I used to sweat O.D.S. Not that I was rocking cornrows or some fly windpants velcroed to my sneakers but Smolik was seriously on some next level shit.

While one can argue (correctly) that he definitely had the style-inflator knob turned up to 11 (holmes straight O.Deezied on the Steezy) and also that Shorty's as a whole was pretty corny (yup)... the skating is still incredible.

Its hard to believe that joint is a decade old.


K said...

Shorty's was too good to be true, and in some ways was a curse. Burned too brightly, burnt out the stars a little to quickly. Skip over to 48 Blocks and you'll see: Jesse Silvey, Sammy Baptista, Brandon Turner. Hell does anyone remember when Brandon Turner jumped off a bridge and broke both ankles OR when he was locked up for a sec?

Muska? What's he doing now? Making wack beats and DJing at shitty Hollywood parties. Last I heard, he DJ'd Nikki Hilton's birthday. Shit is corny.

Actually looking back, I hated Shorty's decks. Wood was soft, clothes were wack, videos not that tight.

Keith said...

I had 1 Shorty's board back in the day. One of those army graphic ones. What a piece of shit. Lame shape, lame wood. Sold it after 1 session.

Smolik... post land posing at it's best (or would that be worst)? Dude definitely did a lot of pretty crazy tricks... with terrible style.

Brad K. said...

Skateboarding needs more Smoliks. Kinda goofy but way good. I always thought he'd be fun to skate with.

chops said...

welcome back, k. i do remember when turner jumped off an overpass but didn't know he was locked up... what for?

yeah shorty's was pretty bad... although i always dug olson (especially on foundation) and i respected muska's skating although I always thought he was a cornball. Too much hype and never really dug the ams... except for Toan's magic tricks.

Keith, i don't think i would say his style was terrible. yeah, he totally posed everything he ever landed but dude was so over the top that I find myself cutting him some breaks. If dude would've maybe just chilled out just a bit... but that's kinda what made him who he was. Plus that shit was just so ahead of its time.

I agree Brad. Dude was a straight character. I think he'd be fun to skate with for an hour or two... then I'd probably end up wanting to choke him.

JRog said...

"damn that kid in the glasses rips," first time I saw Smolik.