chrome ball incident #240: good times, bad times

this, in truth, was actually supposed to be another skater which just wasn't really working out for me, and as I pretty much already had Way's entire career scanned due to another project, I figured I'd just go with some early o.g. plan b steez (plus I know I'll at least make that one dude who keeps requesting Danny happy).

and i'm still surprised that no enterprising slap message board poster hasn't yet updated that top joint by photoshopping a sheckler back tattoo and some trademark rogers' beard-and-bling in there. just sayin'.

special thanks to jake rosenberg.


Royce said...

Noseblunt with a arm sling. One of my favs.

Keith said...

I was always surprised how good he was at street skating when Questionable first came out.

Moses makes his first appearance on cbi in the 2nd last scan.

Royce said...

Speaking of Moses:


I can't remember where I was, but there was some pretty heavy hating on Moses. That blew my mind.

chops said...

guilty, royce.

was never that big of a fan of the dude. not really sure why... he had a sick style, i just always thought he was kinda overrated. when he first started blowing up, dude was everywhere, in every magazine but he never really came through for me. i realize i'm in the minority here. just being honest.

Royce said...

I like that form of honesty. Straight up, no hate.

I stumbled on his LTHB part and was taken back/reminded how much I liked his stuff. I am a sucker for backside 180 nosegrinds, especially those that come out reg.

atom said...

I'm the same age as Danny - so when I first saw him in "Shackle Me Not" way back I kinda hated him because he was so good.
I guess I could console myself by saying, "well, he probably can't skate street." When the "Questionable" video came out it was over. His style was so fluid. It looked like he'd been skating street all along - nothing awkward like when Tony Hawk skated street in the first birdhouse video. His part in questionable at the end always blew me away.

Anonymous said...

Is that "gay" ad a direct jab at the fact he killed that guy? What the fuck... Good skater, shit person..