chrome ball incident #209: beats

a startling absence on chrome ball up until now... the Muska.

fuck TMZ, Paris, and skytops... give me Fulfill the Dream, Rosa and the o.g. shit, fool.

I'll let Johnny Drama slide.

special post for my little bro, robby. happy birthday homie.


Old School Sammy said...

The Hosoi of Street--if anyone out there doesn't get that--good.

Anonymous said...

this guy was sick - a little bit short of a sandwich at a picnic with some of the shit he did. What happened to him, why'd he fall off?

Keith said...

Johnny Drama!

He must have made so much damn money when he first got going with Shorty's wood and Circa. All those damn Muskaphiles running all over the place.

tp said...

didn't Kevin Connoly punch him in a club for saying something to Nicki Hilton.

So fitting he drives a red PT cruiser convertible in that scene. And Chrysler can't figure out why their sales dropped 55% last month.

can't lie that I was down for Muska back in the day though. Wish he never got kicked off Toy Machine. I would have probably got all fucked up with Tom Penny and caused a scene too if the oppurtunity presented itself so who am I to judge. Probably would have not gone the route of creating Muskabeats and having really lame 411 appearances about them though.

Those first Muskas with the stash in the tongue were a must have at the time too.

K said...

this is where the gloves come off:

i don't miss chad muska or shorty's or any of that big shoe self-indulgent bullshit. i can't believe how many kids fell for that nonsense. even in NY. shorty's boards were rubbish. crappy shapes, soft wood, and all around crap. gimme mad circle or girl.

furthermore, look what happened to all those kids on shorty's. silvey, baptista,turner. all kinds of drama happened to those kids (drink, drugs,jail,kids). "too much too young" as the specials once put it. as per peter smolik, homeboy just got fed up with it.

btw if you wanna see muska's deleted part from welcome to hell, you can find the majority of it in TSA's "life in the fast lane."

muska beats? garbage. the only skaters who'll ever be allowed to put their own music to their part are 1) the members of the physics wheel team and 2) thomas morgan (see Alien Workship: TimeCode).

i remember when muska moved to NYC for a spell. hahahahha. oh how the haters hated.

peel said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Beats!

ed said...



also, the eS muska shoe was sick. I loved that rubber teardrop.

Eeen! said...

No word of a lie, while watching that episode of Entourage I was like "Oh shit! Drama is going to fight Nick Carter!" The I saw the tattoo and was like "Holy double fuck hes going to fight MUSKA!".

tp said...

since, i realized this looks like a predominantly pro muska blog for some reason. I just wanted to clarify a few things since i try not to hate on people anymore.

By liking him back in the day, I meant when he was on Toy Machine. Nobody knew who the real Muska was at that point. I just am curious though what his career may have been like if he looked up to Templeton instead of rebelling against him.

I don't think buying a shorty's board even ever crossed my mind. not good wood and a crappy company image. pretty loyal to the deluxe wood back then and long after that. been on the tumyeto wood for about the last four years.

I bought the shoes since everyone told me they were the best. They were my first and last pair of circa's i ever bought.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

And just the type of response I expected.

AE said...


She probably should have had her own post. She got as much mag coverage as anyone during her time.

tp said...


i think you are onto something with the solution to "this getting boring sometimes"

adding a little controversy

just a suggestion.......

not acme week or anything but still an idea. though matt reason's part in the acme video was pretty sick.

Aaron said...

I've never really been a Muska fan but have always found him a consistently interesting character in the skateboarding universe because he is such a weirdo/loser/whatever the hell he is, I don't think I even have an adjective for it. I guess I just like having him around for the laughs.

Dude's making some serious bank with those Skytops though... I wonder if he can even 50-50 anymore, and that was his only trick even back in the day.

Jokes, of course. But there is always some truth in jest.

shiftace said...

Muska..man memories. I found this cat sitting on a curb smoking cigs here in Vegas back in 94-95. He just got booted from his pops place in AZ, hopped a bus and landed here. We'd see him around different spots over the next few weeks. New dude, kinda quiet low key. Started hanging more with him and he was a cool kid. He was babysitting for an older chick that worked in a casino and was banging her regularly. So we all thought that was amazing. Anyways he went all Vegas: raves, X, drinking, partying, tagging, all kinds of weird shit and we lost touch. Next I see he's blowing up Shorty's and carrying a boom box everywhere. Things I remember most about him. HUGE pop on kickflip tricks. Pushed suped hard like he was in a race. Liked WC and the Maad Circle and Pharcyde