chrome ball incident #193: this will be our year

figured I'd start the year off right with some Gino joints I've been sweatin'. a little newer than what's usually posted up here but hey... gino is gino.

and on the chocolatey tip, this is one of the best things i've seen in a minute.

thanks for stoppin' by. good to be back.


Keith said...

Gino on the cover of a bb in 2004. I didn't even know bb made it that far in time.

Great to see a new post. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

djtonto101 said...

Nice to have you back! I miss reading your posts when I get home from work in the middle of the night. Keep it real up in the field aiight! Sike. Dude Marc is freakin ridiculus, wonder what You Will Soon will have to say about this.

K said...

it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. man i missed this blog over the holidays.

iannuci had one of the best parts in 20 Shot Sequence.

hairfarmer said...

Back tail photo is so sick. I never saw that BB cover, I think it came out while I wasn't paying any attention to skate mags. Epic post dude!

chops said...

good to be back fellas. thanks

yeah, i think that's like the next-to-last issue of big brother (or close to it)... been wanting to post it up for a while but thought it might be "too new"... then I just said fuck it.

thanks hf, its funny in that this issue is really when i started back paying attention again after a brief hiatus... I remember seeing it and thinking that the skate scene must've gone absolutely crazy during my absence if Gino was actually on the cover of something.

Anonymous said...

...wish you had that chocolate ad with the switch front tail on the picnic bench. Otherwise amazing interview!!! You do an amazing job!!!!!!!