chrome ball incident #33: i am i be

For all those who asked what my name meant, wonder no more.

Now go watch Memory Screen.


Keith said...

Memory Screen. What a great video. The Dyrdek/Pitre duo from G&S Footage and Memory Screen were two of my favourite skaters growing up.

chops said...

memory screen is such an amazing film. the skating and the interludes are absolute art.

and you re right both dyrdek and pitre killed it in those videos. its a shame that not enough people know dinosaur jr-era dyrdek, only MTV-dyrdek. and pitre was a beast. plus, his olives model is easily one of my all-time favorite graphic (I'm a sucker for Blender).

i grew up fairly close to both dyrdek and john drake so most of my teenage years included random run-ins with them both. everyone always knew how good rob was but i don't think drake ever got his due. crazy underrated.

Keith said...

yeah. Everyone I know who has seen John Drake in real life says he was super sick, mad stylish and definitely underrated.