chrome ball incident #29: do you know the importance of a skypager?

i touched on this earlier with how much better droors was than dc... multiply that difference by about 50 billion and thats how much better Underworld Element was (with Andy Howell at the helm) than its modern Element/Johnny Schillereff incarnation. In a way, kinda like the gangsta blueprint for Menace (along with Shut), UE was more 5th Ward than Pac-Sun.

And Chris Hall was so ill back in the day.


Anonymous said...

you should expand on this article. my homie is allways bangin on about this was the best company ever. peace

Michael Stenerson said...

yeah, please do a full on post on UE, that company was the illest. from graphics, to team, to ads, to videos. so so fresh.

nettic said...

best ever