chrome ball incident #8: heaven and hell

sorry about the 101 kick... but i guess there's worse things to be guilty of.


Watson said...

Oh man, I've never seen that Gabriel ad, (just a little before my time) it's soooooo good.

I think it's funny how people will complain about skate magazines having too many ads, but that's usually where the sickest tricks are saved for, not to mention the great concepts. Way more often you remember people going "Oh, I remember that ad!" than "Oh, I remember that photo in Sightings!"

And yes, I did just read your entire site in one sitting.

chops said...

You're exactly right.

Seriously, i remember in the first skate magazine i ever bought in 1987 (didn't even skate then, just liked looking at the graphics... I was 9) people were complaining about ads. Over twenty years later, people are still complaining about this very same thing.

And I've never understood it. Who cares!?! Especially when World was at its peak, that was the whole reason you bought the magazine. But my site proves your point exactly, 90% of the posts: ads.

Watson said...

Yeah it's so weird. The history of skating as far as style, attitude, trick progression, etc., has all been written in the ads. God knows no one is creaming their pants for a scan of a trick tips or tour article, you know?