chrome ball incident #6: ease back

crappy thrasher scan aside, i thought i'd go ahead and complete the set with a little j lee style. buttery slick backside 180 to switch mannie 180 out on those weird pod things Carroll skates in Questionable.

met Jason at a demo in '90 where he told to me about how blind had just started filming what would eventually become Video Days. still the best skater i've ever seen in person, I got his autograph 3 seperate times that day. 13 years old and straight geeked.

he was so damn good back then. I still don't think that video gave him justice.

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isidro said...

my all time favorite,Chops! best style ever!

i ve gone through the whole blog three or four times,back and forth since i found it two years ago so i thought i should now start over from post#1 again.
this blog has gained legendary status to me and is up there with EMB,video days,101,Gonz and whatever makes my skatebord universe.
this thing you created deserves to become a book.
thanks a lot!