abandon ship!

Just a little heads up for those in the Portland area next Friday.

Please stop by for what should be a classy little shindig.

Featuring iconic photos by Grant Brittain, Bryce Kanights, Lance Mountain, Mark Whiteley and more...


  1. Thanks chops for everything man!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm just dieing to know, is there gonna be a Neil Blender interview?!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks anonymous.
    And I've tried multiple times to get a Blender interview for this thing... came close but never quite happened. Neil's a hard dude to get a hold of. I think you'll still be stoked with what's coming up this week though.

  3. Congrats! Stoked to see TSM among the sponsors. Hopefully they've recognized your skills and this can continue in another form.

  4. Fuck this. Nothing gold can stay. My mornings will never be filled with nostalgic skate post's of photos that were shot While I was still swimming in my dads sack. Emptiness is weak. Might as well get a girlfriend now and a beer belly. Thanks tho sir.