chrome ball interview #12XU: john lucero

Look for my Chrome Ball Interview with John Lucero in the premiere issue of Closer Skateboarding Magazine. Coming in mid-April. 

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Be back shortly. Thanks for your continued support. 


  1. Hi
    Really like your here and i was wandering if the lucero itw will be online and for free After it gets out in CLOSER?

  2. @massivesubjectivity Same thought here

  3. Hey guys, we're toying around with a few different ideas for this interview after the initial printing... we'll have to see. I imagine that it probably will end up on here after a while (at least a year or so), but the thinking is to keep it exclusive to the mag in order to help get Closer off the ground.

    I'd been trying to interview Lucero for years with no luck, but Jaime finally got it to happen for me. He's always been a good friend and I'm happy to be helping him out with his new project.

    And yes, I will continue to post non-Closer CBI interviews on here as usual.

  4. $20 per issue, 4 per year. $80 commitment is a bit too much for me unfortunately.

  5. It’ll be worth it

  6. i got the first issue of Closer the other day and read the Lucero interview last night. What an absolute banger! You always knock it out of the park, but to be able to hold that magazine and read that interview took me back to my younger days! Great job (once again) Chops, and Jamie if you see this know that you killed it. I cant wait for future issues!

  7. Picked up this mag just for the interview and glad I did. Great interview.