chrome ball incident #909: mouse on a motorcycle

"Thanks, I appreciate that.... but I’m a hack." -TS
I'm always a sucker for some mid-to-late 80's Awank. Seemed like everything he did back then was just amazing...

graphics, photos, skating... so many incredible ideas. everything so hands-on. inspiring.

yes, I know I said that I was taking the week off... I don't think I'm going to anymore. sorry.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Glad you decided to post this week!

Anonymous said...

Switch mctwist or photo reversed in that gullying advert?

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t!! Swank bashes the coping on that Mctwist! I read that interview in Poweredge as a kid and was forever a fan after that.

Royce said...

"Switch mctwist or photo reversed in that gullying advert?"


Pic is goofy footed, the nose is a dead give away.

1up Chops!

Brad J said...

That fastplant sweeper pic is just...rad!