chrome ball incident #867: flippy floppy

Don't sleep on SJ's tranny skills!

Saw a still from this interview on @koolmoeleo's instagram feed and figured I'd post the rest of it.

Scoochy J and Motorcycle Max combine their superpowers for a classic Thrasher double whammy, 1995.

Big thanks to Damon and the Deluxe massive.


Sean said...

so weird I just rewatched max's EL series last night.

The Chez said...

I missed these back in the day. Mind blown. Scooch skated vert? Wow. I would never have thought. Done with original style as well.
Very well played Chops.

Dan said...

Didn't realise SJ ripped transition until I saw him and Carroll all over this mini. That thing looks awkward as hell.

Templeton said...

Scott talks vert in this 48 Blocks interview.

Keith said...

yeah! Great double interview. SJ with one of the best smooth styles ever.