chrome ball incident #861: toxic sludge

From Danforth to Fred Gall? Why not!

Freddie's 2004 pocket of productivity, including his hard-to-find "Ghetto Tour" interview from Slap, is the focus of tonight's post. Pure poetry.

This is still incredible.

Have a good weekend, guys. I'm tired.

Congrats on your artwork, Peel!


rnc said...

We would use his name as a verb. "You need to 'Fred Gall' that spot, cuz it's gnarly."

Dave said...

Man, Freddy rips on some nasty looking terrain. One thing that I noticed from these photos is that Fred is extremely photogenic -- all of his flicks seem to ooze style. That first blunt photo looks incredible, and the b/s 180 nose grind is sick. Every photo in this post is awesome.

Anonymous said...


Dustin Umberger said...

The weird thing about Gall is that he came out so hard in the Sub Zero vid and he was so young at the time even though he looked the same age as the other dudes. I think he was a prodigy like Lavar or Stevie but the path he took was so different, so RAW! when you see him skate the spots are rad (more ecclectic than Puleo to me) but his skill is what keeps it fresh and intriguing. The dude can fucking skate!

Keith said...

So much good skating back in the late 90's by this guy! Timecode and all the Subzero/EE stuff. Crazy.