chrome ball incident x transworld skateboarding #9

Number 9 on the list: a peek inside the world of golden-era J.Lee...

“Television is the ultimate brainwashing machine. That’s what I think.”

Sometimes all it takes are picture-perfect 360 flips and some big ass one-foots for everyone you know to start growing gigantic mutton chops virtually overnight. Grinch-era J. Lee singlehandedly sets an Elvis trend with mind-blowing early tech sequences consistent enough to be shot on film. The interview also marks the only time cow farts and the environmental ramifications thereof are discussed at length in this magazine.

Dancing For Gold.

(late pass)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

weird i just watched that sonic youth video with him and guy and i think that was that spike skating in there too??? then i clicked over here to see more of jason lees photogenic lambchops...that photo is timeless...i always struggled with one foots for some reason...remember ron allens one foots in hokus pokus!?! i used to rent this old vision vhs at major video back in the day and he was doing those one sick one foots...who started calling that ollie north shit??. thats the man right there with a nice one foot...fear is a mind killer...its a one foot right?

Rich Mondva said...

I think one reason the late 80s / early 90s stands out for a lot of people is that so much was new. After about 25 years of street skating, so much has already been done. Sure, you can still do something new. But it's probably going to be a variation or combination of something else. Whereas in the "golden era" you could open a magazine or watch a video and see something so What-the-fuck?! new and unheard of, it made more of an impression.

Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Jason.