#833: we got someone better

this one was long overdue.

with gigantor pop and incredible trick selection (that 360 powerslide in That's Life was reason enough for this post alone), I'd like to officially welcome Justin Strubing to the Chrome Ball Incident.

special thanks to ATM for the head's up.

and in other news, this made my week. nieratko  = genius. 

have a good weekend everybody.


ATM said...

Thanks, chops.

Anonymous said...

Strubing rips!
This post is long overdue.

The Chez said...

I always thought Strubing was grossly underrated. He never seemed to get his due. Such a smooth skater but also raw and powerful.

Was always bummed about Adrenalin. I guess they got filed away and waited for Rasa Libre to join them.

Zach said...

So who is the "dickhead?" in that ad?

Anonymous said...

Brad staba... Duh!!!

goldchain said...

That top photo was right outside Strubs house... I saw the trailer that morning on my way to work and thought, "what a sick launcher!" then a few months later I saw the photo... so stoked that he and Pete jumped on it. Much love chops.