chrome ball incident #814: 2000 bc

Haven't really had the chance to talk about the new Ericly Later'ds yet on here but I'm definitely stoked... especially with this week's 101 breakdown, for sure.

Figured some early-to-mid 90's Frostys only seemed appropriate.

And nothing says mid-90s like Kools. 

This part is almost 20 years old. And yes, I still have the White Men Can't Jump soundtrack on cassette somewhere because of it.

Not only did I forget about this part, I forgot about that whole damn video (except this). Think I still have that one, too.

As you can guess, moving all this shit cross-country is going to be quite an undertaking.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Bonus post Saturday. 


dr said...

Yeah pretty sick the koston series so far, he's one of those strange characters, no doubt super talented but a bit of a hard character to like or know. Gavin's and Carrolls comments were interesting to hear their take on him in the early days. Always was a massive 101 fan but never really understood how koston fitted into the picture.

Good luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

this guy is really impressive and consistent, but i don't know, like DR says, it's hard for me to like him...

little true story :
while the monster's times (euro contest in the 90's), some friends of mine and i where at monster in Germany, the year it was boycotted.
we spend 3 days in monster, in every street's corner there were pro there and there.
i ate a sandwitch beside caine gayle and rod dyrdek, i pushed aside rick howard in the street and he did a fullspeed switch hardflip like if it was nothing, and see barley trying to lock a gap with is crazy style. I met Mike carrol at the train station and he tried to sell me a pair of his white pro model vans (i should have buy it...). i was in a dream.
one night we met bucky lasek (he was on new deal at that time). he let us come to his hostel and i bought him 2 t-shirts. in the room beside there were koston and carrol. koston sells me 2 boards (a girl koston, and a 101 clyde singletton). to pay him i had only french money (yes, i'm french ^^). he was suspicious about the money and call the hotel's reception to be certain that i don't scam him... plus he sells me the board.......almost at the same price that it cost at a shop...^^
but that was really good times and i was so psyched to see all those pro that i only seen in videos.

SKEEM said...

reynolds is da Boss

Koston iz da KING!

thanks chops.

Keith said...

fs pop shove and the bridge bs lip are nice shots. Not sure if it's a Jordan Richter board.

xyz sequence was nuts when it came out.

Kools was Gonz's clothing company?

What's going on in that SF photo over the stairs sideways?

Never seen that slap cover before. That stage is huge. Always impressed when I see someone doing something on it.

I've been really stoked on the early episodes of the Koston Epicly Later'd. The H-street and 101 days are the most interesting to me.

ODG said...

This might be one of my favorite CBI posts ever..

Random Matt said...

Gotta love 40 frame video grab sequences!

stephen said...

surprised their weren't more flix shot over the years on the ledges/bridges of the Venice (CA) canals. they look dope in photos.

Anonymous said...

Did Lance Mountain shoot the pic at the spot with the ledge on bricks?

chops said...

i don't know, dr. 101 was always so eclectic... funny enough, I've heard Natas sees Koston as the quintessential 101 rider.

keith, i believe kools was gonz's company. i think. and I think that's a kickflip over that stair.

me too, stephen.

and yes, that's a lance flick.

thanks guys.

stephen said...

Yeah... I used to live on Linnie Canal, right around the corner from that back lip shot, and I would always check out those ledges... I've only ever nose slid them because they're kinda gnarly BUT I can't help but think they'd make awesome photo ops even today. Right outside all the LA pro's back door! Anybody listening? Hahaha. Not the bet spot to session but a lot of tricks can be done there that would look sick on a still.

E.Y. said...

Yes, Koston is King. How could you forget about the Union Video?!?!? I love that thing like a child! That came out when I first started smoking weed, would come home from school, smoke some ditch-dirt out of a foil pipe and trip the fuck out on Damon Byrd's part! Koston's song was so chill. Fucking love it!

t.a. said...

Chops/Keith: I was thinkin that S.F. shot is a 360 flip. It seems a little low to be a kickflip.