keenan forever

"What is your favorite memory of Keenan Milton?"

"Wow, there are so many great memories of Keenan. I really just like to remember how much of a positive person he was. He always wanted to have a good time and was always laughing. He is missed so much." -Keith Hufnagel

"Every single one! 'Bunny hop son.'" -Mike Carroll

"Keenan was inspiring. His energy and wit was incomparable. You know when you're around certain dudes who give off such positive vibes that you actually feel like you can skate better or that you feel like you could do something that you couldn't do otherwise...  that's what Keenan's personality exuded. I always felt alive around him." -Richard Mulder

"He was just so fucking funny. Being high and being around him as a teenager was great. I was always laughing... or trying to contain my laughter." -Jason Dill
"Just the smile he always had and his energy. He brought that energy to everyone he was around." -Chico Brenes

"Keenan was always the life of the party....When he was around he made sure you had fun and that you were laughing with him.  He has touched many lives globally and is loved by many.  Skateboarding made it possible for this kid from Harlem to see the world." -Ray Mate

"Playing Mortal Kombat with him and whoever lost had to do 10 push-ups. Man, I was so sore at the end of that day. I never won. He’d be that dude talking on the phone and beating my ass. He’d take the worst player and I’d have the best one… he’s on the phone not even caring and still killing me. Those moments were so dope." -Mike York

"I think it's hard for anybody to pick one Keenan memory that stands out because it was a steady stream of amazing. Just being around the dude made you feel good. I can't really say one thing because that one thing was repeated all day." -Rick McCrank



chops said...

I know I wasn't supposed to come back until Wednesday but I kinda got my days mixed up.

Big up to "Frank Gerwer's Nose" for the video link. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

ten years goes by so fast.

great homage. keenan rules.

Keith said...

RIP Keenan Milton. One of the best.

Amazing it has been 10 years.

ATM said...

I'm glad I could contribute to this post.

RIP, Keenan.

SG said...

the end of tech

Unknown said...

Even though I never met Keenan, I grew up a huge fan of his contributions to skateboarding. I show Yeah RIGHT almost every day at my job (After school skateboarding club) during homework and I always get the most questions about Keenan! I always have to tell the kids 'Hey man that whole part was switch!' At first they dont understand, but then theyre like DAMN!!! Thats probably my favorite thing, is showing kids how good he was!

SKM said...


one of the the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Keenan was one of those inside dudes, whose contributions (and passing) affect skateboarding more than they are ever (or ever will be) credited for. (see also Phil Shao, Tim Brauch). Basically, the skater's skater whose tales will live on with the dudes who really know what's up with skating.

I remember hearing about his death 10 years back. The Girl/Chocolate fam was highly influential on the group I hung out with in the 90s. I remember reading about Keenan's death. Never met him, but for some reason, it felt extremely personal. Quartersnacks posted the big brother write-up that appears to have been from his landlord/friend. I still vaguely remember reading that article when it was first published, but for some reason the woman's words dig as deep, if not deeper today. Ten years later, it still feels like an integral and influential piece of my life was taken, strictly based on what I remember from vids, from interviews, and post-death write ups about him. I can only imagine how those who knew him feel.

Interestingly, crailtap's new wallride has words from Megan Baltimore who says the tribute website for Keenan had to be taken down because of legal issues, but won't specify. I love the way she says it can be summed up as bullshit.

chops said...

Thanks guys.

And let me echo the sentiment... it is definitely hard to believe that it's been 10 years.

Foster Zeh said...

I grew up with Keenan and Spent a lot of time with him Sleeping on Various Floors all though NYC,LI and Conn- It was a shame to hear this when I heard it.
It feels like yesterday.
Any how I hope all these young cats look at a pure Genius at work..