chrome ball incident #666: triple negative

"because the kids have got to know."

selections from the only magazine to ever get cleaner after Larry Flynt took over, Big Brother.


chops said...

big up to Justin over at Vert Is Dead.

didn't mean to steal your thunder, been planning on this one for a while now.

keep up the good work.

smorales said...

Ha, Justin is bummed, or stoked he doesn't have to do the dirty work.. This is great though. Gonna take at least a week!

Matt said...


Kate said...
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Keith said...

never seen this issue 50 before. Was kinda over BB by then. The first 10 or so issues were super entertaining though. All those advertisement battles lol

Bong olympics were always funny. Matt Nailer shows up for the 2nd time this summer.

Happy 666th post E.

Anonymous said...

killer, timely reference to the olson-koston situation in the title

K said...

i remember when i received a copy of big brother's "Shit" and had a little screening for all of the crew. for a 16 year old boy, that video had everything. sex, drugs, amazing soundtrack and some sick skating.

That video + CKY inspired some incredibly wild and destructive behavior. We see it as contrived now, but back then when the XGames and MTV Sports & Music Festival were sanitizing skateboarding for the masses and making it incredibly dull. Sure our heroes were starting to make some serious paper, but what the fuck. For better or for worse, I miss the days when skateboarding was straight up HATED on. I don't miss fighting w/the jocks or the "hippies" (they're all super yuppies now).

And so to all the fucked up children of the world. Big Brother's "Shit"


E.Y. said...

You should post the issue of "Taboo" magazine that "accidently" got sent to all BB subscribers in a "wacky mix up" around 2000. I'll never forget getting that in the mail! First time I ever saw a chick getting "fisted" LOL!!!