chrome ball interview for abd #5: drake jones

chrome ball sits down with drake for conversation... here.

abd #4


Anonymous said...


Keith said...

super good E!

Damn that SJ for being so good 8)

I read an interview with Sascha Daley the other day and he mentions that Drake is the one who first hooked him up with Mystery. Good eye Drake!

Adams Selymes said...

Man, to me Drake has been one of those awe inspiring before going to session..I used to watchChurch of Skatan every single day just to listen Group Home at his small but sick skate part..and the Droors ad who remembers that? I remember having a picture on my wall from him on a bs ollie over a rail in SF with his black power hair..huge pants..sick photo from tws mag. My fav at all!

Theodore Maider said...

Hey Chops, any chance you could upload the ABD interviews here? The site is now defunct and those interviews need to live on!