chrome ball incident #620: griptape hearts

a short breather with some of my favorite Real moments from over the years before we head into tomorrow's finale.

big thanks to all those that posted links and made comments.
much appreciated.


Lucas said...

That Kelch ad is classic. In late 2002, I was looking at the old EMB site when I noticed his AOL email address. My friend Andy, who owned a shop, asked me to add him on AIM, so I did. Soon, we were all IMing with Kelch, and Andy was sending him boards. Kelch even called him to say thanks. But no one in Montreal believed he skated for Temple. Funny shit.

He also tried to hook up with a girl I knew at a demo in 1994. He wasn't successful.

Giles said...

Tommy was pioneering some fashion in '84 that looks incredibly current over 25 years later.

Anonymous said...

Never seen a lot of these before.

Born to Max is the shit.

Dennis tomorrow?

hans said...

Can't wait for the finale. I can safely say that Kelch is my favorite Real guy ever. Next to Jim and Tommy of course.

Keith said...

Lots of great classic ads.

The coffee shop ones are awesome.

I remember seeing a photo of Sluggo skating a ramp and he's riding a Real board before they even really existed. Maybe it was just a sticker. It was the oval Real logo but with a slightly different font.

The crew I grew up with found out about Real before Real was released as TFerg, out hometown hero, was on before product or ads were out.

It's pretty amazing a skate company that's been around this long is still considered "core".

Lucas said...

Whenever I think of Real and Ottawa—which, admittedly, isn't often—I think of Tony Ferguson's kickflip backside tailslide on what my friend told me was called the ghost curb.

Keith said...

^ I was there when the sequence was taken. In the mag, it looked pretty terrible. There wasn't even a roll away frame lol. He did land it though. iirc that was his first visit back to Ottawa after he had moved to Van.

Quinn Avery Davis said...

Who broke their back I wonder -TG or Thiebaud? Pretty major.